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How to Apply Gold Leaf to Acrylic Painting?

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How to Apply Gold Leaf to Acrylic Painting

Gold leaf adds glittery effects that upraise your artwork. For preparing the canvas and put in the gold, you can attach your gold leaf to your canvas securely.

Using a few supplies, you can seal your gold leaf to preserve its adorable finish. After you have applied your gliding and let it cure your painting then apply one or two types of sealer and you are ready to paint.

The procedure to apply gold leaf on your acrylic paintings needs proper guidance. Here is a quick guide for beginners to make their outstanding artwork:-

Step 1: Work on your painting surface

1. Apply selected colors of your choice on the painting surface. The procedure is more like arranging to add the gold leaf for later. If you visualize your idea of where to add the gold in your painting, do so, and paint your acrylics over it.

2. You can also modify the painting’s surface texture on the basis of your style and preferences.

Step 2: Put in gold leaf adhesive on your painting surface

1. There are two types of gliding adhesive to work with. One is water-based adhesive and the other is solvent-based gold leaf adhesive. If you are working with your acrylics, greatest to go with non-toxic type water-based adhesive.

2. Or else, if you will apply your gold leaf over the painting surface, greatest to use a solvent-based type of adhesive for oil paints.

Step 3: Apply your gold leaf on areas where you are covered with adhesive

1. You can wait a little bit of time until your adhesive is sticky.

2. The gold leaf will stick easily or you can use wax paper to lift off the gold leaf from the sheet.

3. Do this by creating steady over the gold leaf.

4. Rub it off using wax paper over your gold leaf

5. Once you have to lift off the gold leaf, you can apply some pressure over the wax paper into your painting surface covered with adhesive.

6. Use a soft cloth to do this step and let the adhesive be completely dried. This will take some time nearly between a couple of days to even a week.

Step 4: Get rid of the excess gold leaf over your painting surface

1. You can do this process with the use of a small paintbrush.

Step 5: Put in your paint sealant, whether prepaint or post paint sealant

1. This will protect your gold leaf for the next time, based on your preference or style.

2. You can also choose either you would apply paint or not in your gilded area. There are also several ways on how you can gilding from different painting mediums like watercolors for example.


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