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How to A Draw Hello Kitty? and 10+ Hello Kitty Drawing Ideas

A hello kitty is so popular that there would be zero probability of people who are unknown of this cute little cat. Hello, Kitty may seem to be a small, adorable, little cat, but apart from this humble appearance she has evolved into a global phenomenon!

Her structure is immediately recognizable, and the simple yet influential design makes it a lot of enjoyment to learn how to draw Hello Kitty.

If you would appreciate seeing how easy and joyful it can be to recreate this iconic kitten, then you’ll definitely desire to read through this whole step-by-step guide!

Our step-by-step guide on how to draw Hello Kitty in just 10 steps will demonstrate to you how it’s done.

How to Draw A Hello Kitty – Let’s begin!

Step 1 — Let’s begin with the kitty’s Face Outline

We will start our hello kitty drawing by drawing its face outline first.

While the bow is a significant element of the Hello Kitty design, it’s not the only iconic facet of the character!

She is also famous for her big round head, and that is what we will be drawing in the first step of this guide. 

Beginning on the upper part of your sheet, draw a sideways oval shape to make the outline of the Kitty’s face.

To make sure that the kitty will be drawn in the middle of your drawing sheet, draw reference lines by drawing an intersecting horizontal and vertical line across your blank drawing paper.

You have to draw the oval shape exactly where the vertical line is intersecting the horizontal line. 

Step 2 — Next, draw the bottom part of the body

We will complete the head later, but for now we will draw the lower part of the body in this step of our guide on how to draw Hello Kitty.

Her body is relatively smaller than her head and is also created of some fairly basic shapes. Making some curved likes extending down from the head, you can pull her small, round body.

Step 3 —Now, draw the ears

The size of the Hello kitty’s head is drawn as a big, smooth oval shape. Now, the ears will be drawn on the upper sides of the head and will be reasonably far apart from one another.

These will be drawn by making some slightly rounded triangular shapes. 

Step 4 — Draw the kitty’s Arms and legs

Now, in this step, we will draw her arms. Her arms will be drawn with simple curved lines as well, and the one on the right should be raised in a wave.

This will be a very easy task as well! All you need to do is draw straight lines extending from each side of her body near the head of it.

For legs, draw a vertical line below the center to make her legs. You can also add your own technique to draw legs. 

Step 5 — Add some whiskers to kitty’s face

This part of your Hello Kitty drawing will be a very simple one! All you will be drawing in this step is adding some whiskers to the kitty’s face. 

These are made very simply, and you can finish this step by drawing three simple lines to each cheek of her face.

It’s as easy as that, and you’re ready to put in some final details in the further steps!

For eyes, draw two small and solid black ovals. These will be relatively far apart and close to the sides of the kitty’s head.

Her nose is equally easy and important. You can draw that with an oval shape between the eyes. Now, it takes care of her face, so now you can draw the other details.

Step 6 — Now, Draw the kitty’s bow

One of the iconic facets of the Hello Kitty structure is her little bow that sits on top of her head.

It’s not possible to complete the drawing of Hello Kitty without this bow, so we will draw a bow in this step.

For the middle of the bow, you can make a small circle. This doesn’t need to be a perfect circle, so making it free-hand will work nicely!

For each wing of this kitty’s bow, draw a curved line extending out from the sides. 

Then, you can make some more small lines inside these wings to indicate the folds of the bow.

Step 7 — Now, draw kitty’s cloth

 In this step, we will be drawing upper cloth to cover the upper body of the Hello kitty. 

For this, you need to draw some lines around the arms and above legs and a round curve underneath the middle of the head.

Step 8 — Start filling color in the nose

Fill your favorite color inside the area of the nose.

Step 9 — Draw Kitty’s shoes

This is the second last step of this guide and you really don’t have to do much in this step. 

We will draw two oval shapes below the legs to show that the kitty is wearing a pair of shoes.

Step 10 — Finish off your Hello Kitty drawing with some pretty colors

Hello Kitty has had a massive number of divergences to her design, color techniques and style over the years, and this is your pursuit to make your own!

You can get creative as you color in and pull a cool new look for Hello Kitty. In the reference image, we used a pretty pink and yellow for her color scheme, as this shade is often linked with Hello Kitty.

You could also choose this classic color scheme or you could also use any of your favorite colors preferably!

10+Hello Kitty Drawing Ideas in 2023

1. Simple kitty drawing

2. Cute kitty love msg drawing


3. Cute kitty hi msg drawing

4. Beautiful  kitty dwaring

5. Sleeping time kitty drawing

6. Cute kitty drawing

7. Beautiful kitty drawing

8. Naughty kitty

9. Cute face kitty drawing


10. Cute pinky kitty

Conclusion —

We hope you enjoyed this step-by-step Hello kitty drawing guide. 

Check out our website Viralpainting for more such step-by-step drawing guides and tutorials.

Keep sketching and unleashing your creativity!

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