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13+ Electric Pencil Sharpener | Best Electric Pencil Sharpener 2022

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Electric Pencil Sharpeners

An electric pencil sharpener can make work easier and straightforward, you do not have to roll your wrist, fingers, and hands over and over again to sharpen the colors and pencils!

I know we never had the thought that sharpening pencils can be this easier. With the Best Electric Pencil Sharpener, artists, students, and other users save a lot of time.

There is no surprise that all the electric pencil sharpeners are equipped with an attached spot to collect the residue, which means the user does not have to stand and walk to the dustbin for throwing away the pencil skin!

If you landed here, it simply means you need a quick sharpening tool – I bet we have listed the top electric pencil sharpener for multi kinds of pencils that lasts for years with the same efficiency.

12+ Best Electric Pencil Sharpener – Sharpener for Colored Pencils

When we explore things for you, we never compromise quality, style, and functionality – by stepping down you will realize our best electric pencil sharpener supports all types of pencil materials from lead to graphite and heavy-duty pencil nibs.

The give collection can be an amazing pick for people who are looking for a one-time investment – believe me, it is not only the best electric pencil sharpener for colored pencils but also sharpens the basic pens with equal power.

1. Afmat Durable and Faster Electric Sharpener

Afmat electric pencil sharpener provides colored pencils with the sharpness you need to nail any task. A lot of people are already using it for school and office works as it is completely compatible with the day to day use.

It is resilient enough and has a heavy-duty working blade. Auto working sharpener stops when the work is done so there is also no fear of breaking leads and nibs.

Also, with the available choices of sharpening strength, you can choose from two settings namely sharp and blunt to make the required changes.

2. OfficeGoods Portable Stylish Electric Pencil Sharpener

Sharp your colors in style with an Office goods sharpener that operates on a battery and can be operated on all standard sizes of pencil colors and regular lead pencils.

The size looks cute and the shiny gold body leaves a brilliant first expression – kids can easily work with them without fearing any cuts or injuries.

Save the residues of lead and pencil in the transparent bin attached to the side and enjoy sharpening the pencil just in 15 seconds!

3. X-Acto Advanced Electric Pencil Sharpener

Sharp your pencils with confidence by having the heavy-duty extra powerful and durable X-Acto that reduces lead breakages and smoothly does its work.

You do not need to worry about over-sharpening and overfilling of the reservoir – the motor automatically stops working on knowing the bin is full and the pencil is sharped.

4. Jarlink Classroom Highly Resilient Sharpener

The electric pencil sharpener tends to support all kinds of pencils – being budget-friendly and of high quality; it is known to be best suited for students.

Students need not leave their desks for trash to dump the residues; the side container saves it all for later.

Also, make sure the motor does not support an auto-stop – you need to take care of it when a pencil is done retaining its tip shape.

5. Bostitch Best Electric Pencil Sharpener For all Pencils

Bostitch is another great option for students who work in an environment that demands less noise and movement.

If you are in between an art class, you won’t disturb anybody with the sound of the best electric pencil sharpener – specially designed to reduce the noise.

It is designed with modern features and has a beautiful shade that makes it nearly impossible for customers to neglect this ultimate piece!

6. PowerMe Electric Pencil Sharpener

PowerMe never disappoints us by delivering the best battery-operated electric sharpeners – it is absolutely what you need for your daily tasks.

Look at the portable pencil sharpener with a bin at the side, and has very lightweight – it works efficiently and faster on all types of pencils without harming their lead.

7. Afmat Superfast Electronic Powerful Sharpener

Have some extra with the best electric pencil sharpener that works extremely fast and takes only 1 second to do the job. Isn’t it amazing?

The heavy-duty sharpener can gently work on lead, charcoal, colored, and hard pencils neatly without breaking the nibs. It is specially made to perform works that require extra speed and multiple types of pencils.

Non-slippery pads at the bottom will support a great position – add this to your bucket list and be the hero of your class.

8. Bostitch Personal Pretty Electric Pencil Sharpener

Bostitch’s Personal handy tool can be the electric pencil sharpener for teenagers – it works innovatively on HHC technology to ensure longevity.

It is made completely safe and secure for the use of all –age groups, kids can keep it inside a geometry box without worrying about it taking up the extra space.

9. Afmat Best Electric Pencil Sharpener for Colored Pencils

Most of us find it challenging and risky to sharpen colored pencils no matter how good a sharpening tool you are using. Artists often need two types of pencil tips – very sharp or blunt.

Look at this smart electric pencil sharpener that offers everything you wish for in a single place. The auto-stop functioning makes sure you have done the job right and no further sharpening may require!

10. Bostitch Noiseless Smart Best Electric Sharpener

The heavy-duty and best electric pencil sharpener works amazingly in 4 seconds and leaves no noise.  It is surely a better option for folks working in classrooms or libraries.

Act mysterious and let nobody have an idea when and where you sharped the pencil colors!

11. X-Acto Stainless Steel Electric Sharpener

Try this uniquely designed electric sharpener designed by the number 1 manufacturer of sharpeners – it is compatible with both basic and colored pencils.

If you were facing the breaking and cracks issues – then this electric sharpener is your cup of tea. The highly-rated sharpening tool stops working automatically once the bin gets full.

12. Officew Rechargeable Electric Pencil Sharpener

Make your life a little easier with the fully automated pencil sharpener electric – a full fun for kids giving them ease of making the best ever the tip of pencils.

Heavy-duty blades of sharpener perfectly shape every kind of drawing pencil – if the nib breaks it also discards it without interrupting the sharpening process!

Kids, just know that you need to fully charge the best electric pencil sharpener before leaving the home.

13. PowerMe best electric pencil sharpener for Students and Artists

Are you tired of pencils that get stuck in the sharpener?

We have an incredible tool on our bucket list. PowerMe has designed a lightweight and versatile electric sharpener.

The high-quality and enduring sharpener is the best choice for school, home, and office use – its size fits every desk you are working on and has a can that saves the pencil residue.

14. Heavy Duty RIYO Electric Pencil Sharpener

Sharp your pencils with an excellent helical blade sharpener with a holder to place your pens, colors, and pencils. With the side storage space –you will no longer worry about mixing up or losing the color pens from the table.

The sharpening tool runs on a battery and gives you 3 choices of how you want to make the tip of the pencil. You can choose from Sharp, medium, and blunt options to bring out the desired result.

Heavy-duty and Powerful Steel Blade sharps the pencil just in 3-5 seconds and runs even more than a decade!

The Bottom Line

Everybody wants something extra and advanced nowadays as humans seek maximum output in less time that is truly achievable by innovation.

Since electric pencil sharpeners, auto-stops work seamlessly and longer – they are becoming essential for every student and employee working in the office or from home.

Sharpener may be a tiny part of our activity you eventually contributes to a bigger change with pencil sharpener electric as it helps you get the things done in a short time, quickly and precisely.

Always read about the durability, blade strength, and warranty of the best electric pencil sharpener before making a purchase.

And when you are certain, just grab your ideal electric sharpener and level up your game.

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