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75+ Easy To Make Nature Drawing Ideas in 2023 

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Nature drawing can be a great way to learn about the world. But it can also be challenging for different personalities and interests in the same way as all art.

Some people might feel too intimidated by not having enough time or training to draw something in nature, making it seem like an intimidating challenge, and they could give up on the hobby forever.

But with some patience and specific ideas, anyone can enjoy nature drawing for as long as they want!

This blog post will share some simple ideas, so you’re always ready when inspiration strikes. For each, I’ll give you the name of the one that I’ve found to be the easiest and most fun for me to do. Here we go; let’s get started!

Nature drawing ideas for Kids

Moon with stars: This should be quite easy to do if you find a high enough place to sit, like maybe on a blanket or something. If there’s not enough room, you could put the tree in front of a window.


Nature Drawing Ideas For Kids 2023

Trees with mountains and sky: For this project, you can use a tree that has a relatively strong trunk. The more tapered the branches around the trunk, the easier it will be to draw.

If you can’t find a nice tree outdoors, you could use a picture from somewhere else if it’s allowed by whoever owns the copyright to that photo – in this case, your teacher or parent.

When putting an entire tree on top of another object, there are several things to consider.

First is a perspective, where we’re looking down on it from several miles in the sky.

You may want to start with a single line across your horizon line, then add lines to show how high you look.

Colored Hill Nature Drawing

Easy To Make Kids Nature Drawing Ideas

Simple nature drawing ideas for Adults

Trees with mountains and sky: Use different-sized trees if you have more than one to choose from. Just look for something about the same size as your paper, then draw it in front of a plain background – a blank white piece of paper or cardboard would work for this project.

Hills With Stair nature Drawing Ideas

Nature Sunset Drawing

Water fall nature drawing

Plame tree nature drawing

Sun with cloud drawing

Simple tree nature drawwing

A perfect sunny day hut: If you’re an adult and have five minutes to spare, there’s no reason you can’t find a perfect sunny day hut to do this in. The more time you have, the more time you’ll have to draw! For example, if you’re at the beach, you could take the whole day and spend it drawing. The more time you spend on it, the more detailed the drawing will be.

Hills and house nature drawing

Nature drawing for adults

Hills drawing for nature drawing ideas

Simple and easy hill nature drawing

Cute house nature drawing ideas

Sunset with plam tree nature drawing ideas

Nature drawing ideas for Experts

Sunset: Use one or two similar trees (of course, your size may vary depending on how big your paper is). Draw them in front of a plain background like they were standing in front of a cliff. After drawing, add the sunset behind them with some light colors.


Kids Nature With Toys Drawing Ideas

Cute sun with tree nature drawing

Diamond and Moon Nature Drawing Ideas

Hills With Car Nature Drawing Ideas

Cactus ith Hills Nature Drawing Ideas

Hills With Flowers Drawing Ideas

Sunset Plam tree Drawing Ideas

Tree: Drawing a tree can be great fun. They’re always changing as the seasons come in, so you’ll never tire of the same drawing for years to come! You don’t have to put the whole tree on, but you can use it as a guide and draw out what you see.

Nature Flowers Drawing Ideas

Rock, sun, and flowers: Use a flat rock or a sheet of glass, like the window in your room, and draw out what you see. As you can see, I start with a very simple circle, then add the sun and the flowers falling. This was the hardest thing to do, but it was worth it!


In this blog post, You have learned about easy and simple nature drawing ideas for kids, adults, and experts. I hope you liked it and if you have any suggestions about the article, please comment below. Thanks for reading!

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