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60+ Easy To Make Guitar Drawing Ideas For All Aged Artists in 2023

50+ guitar drawing ideas

Hey artists people! Are you looking for several different astonishing ideas for drawing a guitar that you can proudly show off to everyone? If yes, you are in the right place!

Today we brought up 30+ amazing guitar drawing ideas for people of every age looking for simple artwork that can be completed in a single sitting.

With these easy guitar drawing ideas, you can make art displays for your house and as gifts for your special ones.

Let’s get juices flowing!

Simple Guitar drawings 

A guitar is a simple stringed musical instrument that is played by strumming the strings with the fingers. 

The guitar is one of the famous musical instruments among kids and adults and a popular drawing theme too!

So, let’s draw an amazing guitar with the help of these easy-to-follow drawing ideas. Even if you are a novice in drawing, you can follow these drawings without any difficulty.

Take a tour of all these drawings and make a guitar of your own, simply and easily!

Easy and creative Guitar drawings for kids

Guitars are famous among kids too as music is inevitable for everyone. Sketching a guitar is certainly a difficult task for a novice but we made it easy for you!

There are simple guitar drawing ideas, especially for kids that could help to learn to outline a guitar in just a few minutes.

Explore to view the ideas!

Eay To Make Guitar Drawing Ideas 2023

For drawing like the above image, you need to draw a thick outline of the entire guitar body along with the headstock and neck and a sound hole in the middle.

Does a sound hole have a tongue and teeth? Interesting, right? You can also add facial features to your guitar to make it look dramatic! 

Here is an electric guitar with a modern yet simple look. This can be drawn in a single stroke.

Guitar drawing ideas for adults

Adults are well aware of all the categories of guitars and that’s why they are more into drawing several types of guitars.

Here is a collection of different guitars in the form of art. Check it out!

Here you can see an image of a perfectly drawn guitar. The entire body is double outlined except for the strings part to make it look string-like structure.

You can also draw a round body guitar with a headstock and some music symbols sideways as shown in the above image.

Here is a lovely colorful guitar with a heart-shaped sound hole and tuning pegs. You can draw like this to add some fun and special effects to your artwork!

Easy To Make Guitar Drawing Ideas For Adults in 2023


Guitar drawing ideas for professionals

Numerous different types of guitars are available nowadays and used by musicians all over the world. If you’re a professional artist who is interested in playing the guitar, you might want to draw it too.

Follow these drawings to make a realistic guitar which is quite easy to make if you follow these ideas properly.

These realistic drawings of a guitar are very handy!

The above image is comprehensive yet simple. Draw the guitar’s body with an upper bout, a waist in the middle, and a lower bout, which is the widest part of the guitar’s body. Draw some lines on the base to give a shadow look.


This one is a detailed guitar as it includes a bridge, and headstock along with tuning pegs, string posts, and strings. The entire body is drawn with lines having gaps in between.

You can prefer the above idea if you want a pencil-shaded or sketchy look to your art along with realistic drawing.

Guitar Drawing Ideas For Adults Artist


We hope you enjoy these guitar drawing ideas. With these ideas, you can surely draw and color a guitar along with its complicated features and elaborate details in no time.

We are always updating our drawing ideas catalog, so make sure to keep checking back on our website so you don’t miss anything!

Follow for more such ideas and drawing tutorials!

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