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20+ Super Easy Painting Ideas | Step by Step Painting


Painting is always fun of playing with colors that come in wide options. Acrylic painting is one of the easiest ways to begin painting as a beginner. As it is simple to learn and relatively cheap as well.

To bring the acrylic paint into play you need to get interested in experimenting with lush color as well as bold color mixing. Therefore in this blog, we gathered easy painting ideas for beginners.

Useful Acrylic Canvas Painting Guidelines For Beginners

When you start doing acrylic painting you are required to consider the following tips:-

  • You need to gather all the supplies like colors, brushes, and other things in a proper way, before starting the painting. As this will save you lots of time and painting will be fun.
  • To do easy canvas painting ideas, stiff and long handle brushed must be used because all brushed are not appropriate for acrylic painting on canvas.
  • Prepare your canvas and prime it using a material like gesso this will seal the fibers of canvas and you’re brushed go on the smoother way.
  • To prop the canvas for painting, in addition to primer or gesso, think applying an all-over tone to your canvas for the fine finishing of your painting.
  • It is advised that you should test your colors. For testing, you can just paint samp;e on scrap paper and let dry ahead of moving on to the canvas.
  • By using the medium you can experiment by mixing acrylic or oil paint for adjusting its thickness, texture, and more. You can also add cool effects to your work by using several mediums and make it more stupendous.
  • To create a border, you can experiment with under-painting often in an opposing color.
  • During wet, small canvases can prove unwieldy. So choose a safe spot to dry before starting the painting.

1. Green Tree Easy To Make Painting

If you get bored at home why not give it a try to connect with natural beauty. In this tutorial, you will get to know about painting trees in a realistic look and the branches of trees using cotton buds or scale. This of one of the best easy painting ideas for beginners in 2022

Step 1:- The painting of trees can be easier to made using cotton buds to form its leaves on the plain dark green color to give a more realistic look to your painting.

green tree step by step painting

Step 2:- To get the real look of the stem use scale to create and also use grey color to create branches or trunk of the trees.

Step 3:- Watch this video to make a painting step by step

2. Easy To Make Canvas Feather Painting Ideas

As a beginner when you don’t know about which brush you need to paint the art this colorful feather painting is the best example to try.

Step1:- Begin by putting a pinch of various colors like orange, yellow, green, dark green, blue, and purple to create a beautiful feather.

Step2:– Blend the colors in an opposite direction downwards only using a flat-like spoon tool. Then use a thin brush to create Barbs on the feather as well as Calamus. Moreover, use a fan brush and loaded it with blue color to create sparkle around the lovely color-enriched feather.

Step 3:- Watch this video to make a painting step by step

4. Easy Acrylic Canvas Painting Ideas for Beginners

The love between the couples is a special thing that can’t be express. But via painting, we can express some feeling of love.

Step 1:- Take a canvas in a vertical way and divide it into two sections using tape. Take a flat wide painting brush a put blue paint on the top for both the side.

Then put pink color on the right-hand side and blue on the left-hand side. After that put yellow color on the right side and white on the left side and blend them properly. Remove the tape and cover the area with the color.

Step 2:- using a cloth put white color on both sides to make clouds.

Then make a heart with red color using a thin brush and paint the heart with pink, blue, and purple color using a small piece of cloth.

Then draw a line that touches the end of the canvas to form a tree and also put a thick line at the bottom of the canvas.

Then draw and paint a girl on the left side and a boy on the right side in black color. Also, make some leaves that fall from the tree.

Step 3:- Watch this video to make a painting step by step

3. Step By Step Flower Painting Tips

Flowers are always the most favorite thing that every artist want to draw when they are beginner till professionals. The painting of three magnificent colors is so painting ideas easy to draw.

Step1:- Draw the sketch of colors using pencil onto the paper so it becomes easy to paint the colors in the shape or design.

Step2:- To make pink flowers load your flat face brush with pink color and gradually start making the petals of flowers by moving your hand in a semicircle direction.

Again to make the bottom part color it with pink and white color using small. To form the complete flower.

Step 3:- Watch this video to make a painting step by step



5. Pink Tree Easy Painting For New Artist

Form easy painting ideas 2022 use cotton buds is an effective method that can be applied by beginners to create attractive artwork.

A painting of a tree in the autumn season gives you chance to do your creativity.

Step1:- Firstly tie some of the cotton buds together and load them with a light pink color and start tracing them on paper( can be rounded or square shape).

Then use dark pink color and red to give an exclusive touch to your tree.

Step 2:- Now take a painting brush and carry some brownish color to make branches and stem of the tree, also add some light brown color in order to give a realistic touch to the painting.

Step 3:- At the end apply some baby pink color using cotton buds that provides the final touch.

Step 4:- Watch this video to make a painting step by step


6. Four Season Canvas Painting Ideas For Beginners

Four seasons spring, summer, autumn, winter of nature have their own importance in building up the nice environment around us. Show them on a single canvas is creativity.

Step 1:- Firstly divide your canvas into four sections as the four seasons are going to display in the painting. Use tape for division then start applying colors like red, pink, green, light green, orange, yellow, blue, light blue using a Painting Brush.

Step 2:- At the bottom draw a thick black color line with a Painting Brush and draw some branches using that same brush and color.

Draw little leaves in autumn, then more leaves in spring, lots of leaves in summer with a full moon, and lastly branches are filled with snow in winter along with show some snow.

Draw some grass with black color that always around the tree but only in three sections as the last section is filled with snow.

Step 3:- Then remove all the tapes and your four-season painting is ready to hang to lean on.

Step 4:- Watch this video to make a painting step by step

7. Round Shape Canvas Painting For Beginners

Life can never be complete without a partner. It is a beautiful thing when a couple met, thinks to get together and get older with their sweet n sour memories. Depict this creativity of life into a painting can be an awesome part.

Step 1:- First of all divide the round canvas into four sections and apply a bit of color like yellow, light blue, orange, dark blue in the sections. Then spread the colors into that sections and after blending remove all the tapes.

Step 2:- Draw two small trees filled with lots of branches and leaves with black color first then use red, blue, green, and black color to form a different color tree in different sections.

Step 3:- Then draw a couple showing when they met and spend time together in another section.

In the next section, a girl gets proposed by a boy and in the last section, they get older with each other.

Also form some buildings, moon, sun, and other natural features in the artwork.

Step 4:- Watch this video to make a painting step by step

8. Hexagon Shape Sunset Canvas Painting Ideas

Experimenting with colors and design is a part of a painter’s life. Easy Painting Ideas 2022 always done with experiments.

Step 1:- Take a hexagon shape Canvas Board and put a round bowl at the center and divide one side of the hexagon using tape.

Then put a bit of color firstly orange, then yellow and white, also on another side of the bowl put dark blue, then light blue and white.

After that use a flat brush to spread the colors evenly from upward to the downside. Once applied remove the round bowl and the tap

Step 2:- Then at the remaining section again put some dark blue and white, also orange and white to complete the whole color scheme.

Moreover, spread the colors by mixing appropriately with each other. Then take a different brush and apply black color to draw a line at the center of the canvas.

Join the black part with the bottom section in a cone form and also draw some black parts on both sides of the painting.

Step 3:- Draw a tree at the center of the different sections on the upper side of the cone part.

Put some white color stars on the night side of the painting along with stamping a sitting cat on the grass.

Then draw some birds on the morning side with black color. This painting falls under the easy painting ideas 2022.

Step 4:- Watch this video to make a painting step by step

9. Heart-Shaped Canvas Painting Ideas for Love

Spending time together is a memorable phase in the life of every couple. Trace these things in a painting that might be memorable for both of them.

Step 1:- Take a heart-shaped canvas and apply some colors in a line firstly apply sky blue, purple, pink, and dark blue.

Spread them evenly using a sponge to give a soft touch to the painting. Then apply some pink color and spread properly using the same sponge.

Use a toothbrush to sprinkle some white color. Then draw a moon using a normal brush and apply some yellow color to the moon.

Step 2:- Using a thin brush draw a sitting couple on the moon with a girl pointing to the stars using black color.

Then put some pink, yellow, and white colors in the form of dots on the canvas. Then use a flat brush to draw shooting stars by slightly wiping the dotted colors on the canvas.

Step 3:- Watch this video to make a painting step by step

10. Super Easy Flowers Painting Ideas For New Artist

Roses are the most favorite flowers among all others. They can be of any colors always look great and delightful. These kinds of Acrylic Paint enhance the decor of the home.

Step 1:- Firstly take a square canvas and paint it black as a whole. Use a flat spoon-like tool to apply creamy yellowish-white color on the canvas. Make some large and small circles using that tool, then apply yellow color on each circled part.

Step 2:- Use a cotton bud to spread the Acrylic Paint to form nice-looking roses. Then use a paintbrush and load it with green color to form some leaves around the roses.

Again make some little roses where you feel the space is empty. At the end sprinkle some white color to give the final touch to the painting of the rose.

Step 3:- Watch this video to make a painting step by step

11. Round Shape Canvas Flowers Painting Ideas for Artist

Flowers are a decent feature of nature. A variety of colors in flowers made them special to be made by the artist in their painting.

Step 1:- On the round canvas, cover it with a very light pink base. Take a small piece of cloth and hold it in the way to draw flowers using Watercolor Paint. Take out some baby pink color with that cloth and apply it on the canvas in the different areas.

Step 2:- Then again take some red colors to make two-tone color flowers. Use a flat brush and draw the pedicel of each flower.

The draw leaves around the flowers also the stem of each flower connect at the end of the canvas. Finally, sprinkle some red colors in the painting.

Step 3:- Watch this video to make a painting step by step

12. Easy to Make Heart Shape Canvas Painting

Painting of two cute color tones always has its own priority in the artwork.

Step 1:- Take a heart shape canvas, and apply blue color on the left side and light pink on the right side of the canvas.

Use a makeup sponge to spread the color to form a base of the painting. Then take a small piece of cloth also apply some .blue color to it.

Step 2:- Then apply blue or pink color on the canvas using that cloth, also apply dark pink and orange color on the right side of the canvas. After that take a thin painting brush to draw very thin branches of the tree from top to downwards way.

Step 3:- At the pink section apply some blue colors to draw a riverbank with a fence on one side. Also, draw the stem of the tree on the blue side and draw a man wearing a gown with a hat on his head. Also, make some pink leaves come to the blue part of the painting.

Step 4:- Watch this video to make a painting step by step

13. Round Shape Canvas Flowers Painting Ideas for Beginners Artist

Red color roses have their own special meaning in their color. Red is always for love. So these lovely flowers painting will be the masterpiece of your all artworks.

Step 1:- Take a round canvas and draw a circle at the center using the small bowl. Then use a painting brush to make leaves of green color (can be dark or light)on the outer side of the circle. Then tie some cotton buds and apply green colors around the leaves. After that take the spatula-like tool and apply red and white, creamy red, maroon, to make roses.

Step 2:- Then use a single cotton bud to spread the colors in the form of roses. Again take some joined cotton buds to apply red dots around the leaves. Now your pretty roses painting is ready to hang on to gift your loved ones.

Step 3:- Watch this video to make a painting step by step

14. 4 Panel Canvas Painting Ideas for New Artist

Different stages of life with different people own their priority in the life of people. Depicts this beautiful thinking on canvas would be a great idea.

Step 1:- Take four different squared canvas and apply red on first, green on second, orange on third, blue color on fourth canvas. With the help of a flat wide painting, the brush spread all the color on the canvas and apply black color on the bottom part less than above.

Step 2:- Take the stamps of different people like small cute kids and stamp them on the first canvas. Then take a couple and trace it using a sponge with black color on the second canvas, trace father and son on the third canvas, and a proposing couple on the fourth canvas. Also, make some tree feature on each canvas.

Step 3:- Watch this video to make a painting step by step

15. Easy to Make Painting Ideas

Painting using cute colors like pink and red make an attractive painting that catches the attention of every watcher.

Step1:- On a square canvas make a circle with a pencil using a large round bowl. Apply purple colors with a Large Painting Brush then blue and mix both of them. Repeat the same color tone at the top of the canvas and covered the whole canvas. Then apply some white color to form a realistic moon.

Step 2:- Take a piece of bubble sheet and apply pink and purple color onto it. Then fold the sheet and apply it to different areas of the canvas.

Then repeat the same procedure using light pink color. Draw a fairy girl sitting on a swing and apply some pink, white dots around the girl.

Step 3:- Watch this video to make a painting step by step

16. Rainbow Color Tree Painting Ideas for Beginner

The painting of a colorful tree is speechless and very fascinating by the people. All the colors of the tree explain their own importance.

Step 1:- On oval shape canvas apply light navy blue color to form the base to paint. Then take cotton buds and apply different colors like red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet on the canvas.

Then apply black color at the bottom part. Use a toothbrush to form grass. After that use a thin brush to form a stem and branches of the tree.

Step 2:- Take some cotton buds to form circled dots or leaves falling from the tree.

Step 3:- Watch this video to make a painting step by step

17. New Canvas Painting Tips for Beginners Artist

The creativity of colors depicts the brainstorming of the artist. It is a creative mind to reveal the day and night on the same canvas.

Step1:- on a rectangular canvas apply cream, yellow, orange, pink colors on one side of the canvas. Then apply white, light blue, dark blue on another side by sticking the tape at the center before applying. Also, remove it once applied.

Step 2:- Make a tree with beautiful pink flowers on the bright side of the painting and a tree with fewer leaves along with a moon on the darker side. Then stamp a girl in a light area and a boy in a darker area by holding hands while standing opposite to each other in the painting.

Step 3:- Watch this video to make a painting step by step

18. Cute Couple Pink Moon Painting Ideas

When a couple is together, they enjoy the timing which they are spending together. At that time everything seems very special. As the love is in the air at that time.

Step 1:- Take a rectangular canvas and place a large round bowl in the center. Apply blue color at the top side and purple color at two adjacent sides and white at the bottom side of the circle.

Also pink color under white. Spread the blue color with a thick brush then use a kitchen sponge to blend the purple, pink, and white color. Remove the bowl and apply pink color and a little bit purple using a thin brush.

Step 2:- Make a fence and standing area by applying black color using a thin brush. Then trace the couple holding each other using a kitchen sponge. Sprinkle some white color using a brush and again trace heart twice using yellow color.

Step 3:- Watch this video to make a painting step by step

 19. Semicircle Canvas Painting Ideas for New Artist

Creating something that shows the shadow of the person on a different canvas is real art.

Step 1:- Take two semicircle canvas and apply dark blue, light blue on one canvas. Then yellow, pink, and blue on other canvas. Blend them evenly using a painting brush.

Then load the brush with white color to make some clouds on the bright side of the canvas. Use black color on the darker side to make the fence as well as on the bright side of the canvas.

Step 2:- Then track a boy using a makeup sponge and again trace a shadow of that boy on another canvas. Then apply white color using a thin brush on the canvas. Also, blend black color on the brighter side with a toothbrush.

Step 3:- Watch this video to make a painting step by step

20. Hexagon Canvas Painting Ideas For Artist

A fully realistic painting of animal deer is really outstanding and shows lots of innovative thinking of the artist.

Step 1:- On a rhombus shape canvas, apply various colors like yellow, orange, grey, sky blue, dark blue, and black. Then blend them properly with each other using a make-up sponge. Make some trees on the bottom side using black color.

Step 2:- Trace an animal deer using Oil Black Paint. Then sprinkle some white color on the painting and make some shooting stars to add the final touch to the art piece.

Step 3:- Watch this video to make a painting step by step

List of Materials Used in All These Sunset Paintings

1. Paint 

2. Brushes

3. Canvas Board

4. Masking Tape

5. Easels


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