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Top 7 Hand Glove For Drawing | Best Drawing Glove For Artist

Best Drawing Gloves

Drawing imagination on canvas or sketching art on graphic products belongs to the creativity of an artist. Sometimes it becomes dense to work on the screen as your hand gets detected by the device and mistakes happen by accidentally touching the screen.

To overcome this issue, we have broken down the high-quality hand gloves that are effective in use while working in a routine. Most professionals use hand gloves to reduce the friction between your hand and the surface(might be screen, paints, oil).

Your hand needs to be comfortable when you are painting, drawing, inking, and sketching for long hours. From different brands and colors to black and blue, there are a lot of choices to be made. When designing your artwork, your hand needs to be resistance-free and move freely on the surface.

Drawing tablet glove is the best choice to bring into play by moving your hand smoothly on digital items. To save your artwork and digital painting, hand gloves are highly recommended. In this blog, you will find out several top-quality drawing gloves which are the choice of famous artists.

Best Hand Gloves for Professionals As Well As for Beginners Drawing

1. Articka Artist Glove for Drawing(small)

Articka artist glove is perfect for those painters who love to do painting in a digital way. This small-sized drawing glove is perfect for both hands and removes the friction between your hand and the screen. High-quality elastic Lycra makes the glove an absolute choice for artists.


  • The glove is of size 20cm (7.9in) in length and 8cm (3.4in) in width
  • Two-sized finger glove allows you to work frequently over the IPad, tracing light pad, lightbox, drawing monitors, and digital panels.
  • Easy to make painting, drawing, inking, coloring more smoothly with Articka artist glove.
  • Can be used right hand or left hand, very comfortable


While purchasing go for black instead of white, as white gets dirty easily and never remains the same after several washes.

2. Mixoo Artists Glove 2 Pack – Medium size

Mixoo artist glove is ideally made for artists who do the traditional and digital drawing. Two-finger drawing glove allows smooth moving onto the screen surface. This glove is made with high-quality material and is easy to breathe even wear for long hours. The stretchy glove is designed in a way to fit precisely for both hands.


  • Premium quality hand glove is made with elastic lycra that is comfortable to wear.
  • The extra padding of the glove helps to prevent smudging and fingerprints while working on the screen.


Need to measure the size of your hand before ordering

3. Oceu Artist Glove for Drawing Tablet – small size

If you are tired of smudging colors or mistakes that happen in digital drawing try Oceu artist glove to prevent these conditions while drawing. Without any hassle sketch painting on your IPad and let your creativity depicts on the screen.


  • Glove ideal for both the hands – right or left
  • Premium lycra high-quality material is used to manufacture this comfortable hand glove
  • Work efficiently for inking, sketching, coloring, and digital drawing
  • Two-fingered(last two) hand glove reduces the friction between your hand and the screen.


Need to measure the size of your hand before ordering

4. Huion Artist Glove for Drawing Tablet – Cura CR-01

This two fingers glove is designed in black color, a very peaceful and charming color. You can freely design your artwork on your digital products. This glove is made from Nylon and soft lycra that is fully comfortable to wear when working.


  • An anti-smudge hand glove works perfectly for drawing on the graphic tablet, IPad without any marks on it.
  • The color of the high-quality glove is soiling resistant so no need to wash frequently.
  • The size of hand glove is 20cm (length) x 8cm (width).
  • It removes the friction between your hands and the surface.


The size of the glove may be unfit due to different hand sizes.

5. OTraki Two Finger Artist Gloves – 4pcs

Whether you are working with paints or graphic tab OTraki hand glove is ideal to use for both. The hand glove is the best drawing glove manufactured for both hands. The lightweight artist gloves slide smoothly over the screen, make no marks, and work in an efficient way.


  • The package has 4pcs that is the advantage to use
  • High-quality Lycra material is used to made this glove to prevent smudging and feel the softness of it
  • Comes in three different sizes:-
  • Small – 2.7×7.08 inch
  • Medium – 2.9×7.87 inch
  • Large – 3.45×8.46 inch


The size of the glove may be unfit due to different hand sizes.

6. TIME BETTER Artist Drawing Glove – Small

While drawing on the graphic or play with color,  it is essential to wear a hand glove to prevent smudging and hand friction between the surface and hand. TIME BETTER hand glove is so comfortable to wear as it comes with an extra pad. Hand glove also works well as the drawing glove for paper.


  • Hand glove which is a digital drawing glove is compatible with iPad, Surface, android, devices like Samsung, Wacom, Intuos, Cintiq, and paper sketching, painting, coloring, and inking.
  • More comfortable, made with high elastic lycra fiber, easily washable, breathable, and useful for both hands.


The hand glove might be unfit for hands as the hand size varies.

7. Artist Drawing Tablet Gloves

If you are seeking a tablet drawing glove then surely this artist drawing tablet glove is the right choice to be selected. It is so convenient glove made, to avoid accidental touch damage from the surface. Also, it gives you the opportunity to move your hand freely over the screen.


  • Can be used for digital drawing boards, tablet computers, and suitable for draw watercolors, gouache painting, and also keep you warm in winter for cold weather
  • Comes in two sizes
  • Medium:- 14.5cm – 16.5cm / 5.70inch-6.49inch
  • Large- 16.5cm – 18.5cm / 6.49inch-7.28inch
  • The hand glove can be used wither on the right hand or left hand, so comfortable


The hand glove might be unfit for hands as the hand size varies

Top Frequently Asked Questions Related To Drawing Gloves

What are drawing gloves made of?

Whichever brand of drawing glove you are using that is comfortable enough even wear for long hours.

The high-quality hand glove is made up of high elastic lycra fiber that is breathable while working.

Even some hand gloves come up with a pad thus your hand gets extra support when holding paint brushes or doing work with fingers. The top brands manufacture good quality hand gloves by keeping in mind the safety of artists.

Hand glove is not just useful for fingers but also support your wrist. All of the artists drawing tablet glove comes with two fingers (the last two) so as to work easily with other fingers.

Why do artists use gloves?

Whether you are a traditional artist or a digital one, you need a hand glove to reduce the mess-up issues of painting.

Artists use hand gloves to prevent the resistance between their hands and the different surface, or by mistake touch the painted surface while picking up the painting panel or other items.

Similar to the brushes, paints, and colors hand glove is also an essential tool to be used when drawing, sketching, and painting.

There are lots of online websites available from where you can get hand gloves as per your choice and sizes.

Why should you wear an art glove for digital drawing

Digital drawing another kind of creative art that is very famous these days among people. Lots of apps and software can be accessible on digital products like IPad, Android, tablets, and so on. These items offer you an opportunity to draw your imagination and creativity with your talent.

While working on graphic products your hand gets detected by the device and some concern happens like delete your artwork, erase your drawing, the cursor is moving with your hand and many others.

To get rid of these problems you just need to wear an art glove when doing the digital drawing.

Why should an artist wear gloves?

Many artists now feel the importance of hand glove as the skin get into contact with paints and pigments which is not good for skin and health.

Another reason is that digital artists should wear hand gloves in order to move their hands-free on the screen without any mistakes arises.

Sometimes while painting, your hands start getting sweat that is not a good sign as your artwork may get destroyed.

So to get the better of these problems, a hand glove is the appropriate option to be used.

You can get drawing gloves by selecting different colors and also according to your hand size from online sites.


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