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For New Artist 35+ Simple and Easy Cute Couple Drawing Ideas

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cute couple easy to make drawing ideas (6)

Who does not love a couple?

No doubt, we all know the affection that reflects in a couple.

A couple of drawings depict the strength of the bond. With a beautiful photograph, you can feel it again!

You can express your love in a better way with the sketches of love birds.

Today, you will get the 35+ best and Easy ideas of Cute Couple Drawing for new artist.

Sketch Drawings of Couple in Love

It does not matter if you are an artist or layman; these simple drawings are for everybody.

Grab your paper and pencil to narrate a sense of loving relationships.

This drawing is dedicated to cute married couples who happily bonded. The girl is wearing a gown, and the man is dressed in a good suit.

Draw the lovely couple in love with one another and smile with deep warmth while holding hands.

Look how romantic couple drawing inspires us all to be genuinely in love. Draw the beautiful couple.

Make young love birds totally in love, blushing and enjoying the moment. You will need to make hearts with the red color of different sizes.

A kissing couple drawing is cute and easy to make for beginners who want something unique and attractive.

Make a happy couple photo with the reference from the given couple idea.


Draw shooting star spectating little couples in black and white easily. The girl has placed her head on his partner’s shoulder, and drew long hair for a more refined look.

One of the best cute couples wearing red outfits looks at each another with respect and love in the heart. Draw cute couple painting easily.

Draw 21st-century modern couple suited well in old-school dress-up and wearing a mask which are following social distancing to prevent virus spread.

This adult couple drawing hugging each other depicts the warmth of mature affection and love that will last for longer.

Shadow couple drawing black for kids is easy to draw. A beginner can excel at it if you work with patience.

Make a cute couple drawing kissing in love. It is best for people who do not want to spend extra time and colors on a couple of painting ideas.

Trace the teenager couple on your drawing sheet with a black marker. Color any desired shade.

The perfection in their hair and dress is completely worth praising. Start your first step in art with this elegant and cute painting idea for a couple drawing.

Draw curly hair little boy and girl who are best friends and in love simultaneously. Do you have someone like that in your life? Then gift this painting idea to them.


Rain, Rain, Go Away! If you want extra fun and adventure in your drawing, this cute couple idea is just for you.

This super cute and funny couple will leave a smile on everybody’s face. Please pay close attention while drawing the t-shirt and shorts of the boy and for a girl, her dress makes all the difference.

Funny And Cute Couple Drawing Ideas 2022

Colour the shades of love on your canvas with this perfect cute couple idea with brown hair and decorated smiles on the face; holding red heart balloon couples are perfect for love birds.

Simple And Easy to make cute couple drawing ideas

You can pick this lovely couple drawing idea holding hand and looking at each other. The girl has made a bun, and the boy has short hair.

Suppose you are looking to draw a cute and funny couple drawing for kids. This art is worth your shot.

Everyone Make These Cute Couple Drawing Ideas In 2023

This is a very simple yet indulging drawing idea for people who want to draw a couple of paintings.

Make a tall couple drawing where the girl is wearing heels and carrying a purse. Here the mating male is confessing how much he wants her.

Perfect valentine’s day idea for a couple – this lovely drawing is ideal for all age people.

Simple Colored Cuople drawing for kids to adutls

Draw and colour young king and queen dressed up finely and are just married.

Cute cartoon couple drawing art is best for children who want to have fun on their summer vacations.

This kids’ couple drawing idea is best to dedicate to your adult partner for their birthday cards and anniversary gifts.

I will suggest that this painting of a cute couple in winter is the perfect option for someone with experience in drawing and artwork.

A sad couple drawing who fight is sitting in the rain while the boy still shows his love. It is a perfect couple drawing idea for teens.

Emoji Couple Drawing Ideas

The cute lovely couple idea is for kids.

Mini boy and girl who look charming and relaxed simultaneously are ideal for people who are stylish couples.

Show your affection to your loved one with this couple drawing idea who are having a hug.

Look how exciting both men and women are looking. Colour your favourite shades in their outfits. It is an easy to draw couple drawing for all age groups. 


The Bottom Line

There is nothing compared to two humans completely in love with each other. Such drawings make us believe in love again.

Besides, you need to work with a completely calm, and positive attitude as this will make the picture more romantic.

List Of Equipment Used For This Drawing

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