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50+ Cute Avocados Drawing ideas In 2023: Simple And Easy Drawing

50+ Cute Avocados Drawing ideas

Avocado addiction doesn’t even describe how much we love this wonderful fruit. Most of us have used it in one form or another, whether as a perfect dipping sauce for chips, an alternative to mayo or cream cheese or just eaten right out of the bowl with sea salt.

Even if you aren’t a big avocado fan, its popularity has been staggering up and down over the years, which helps explain why its nutritional value is so high.

In this article, we will share with you some of our favorite methods for drawing avocados ( in either a pastel or pencil form) that you can use to transform any photo of this amazing food into a beautiful piece of art.

So get your guacamole ready because we are about to go nuts!

When it comes to drawing avocados, you should have both a pastel and pencil set on hand. When inking the avocado, a regular pencil can create too much detail while leaving the avocado essentially blank.

However, when using pastels, as you add color layers on top of one another, the whole image will gradually become more detailed and less white in your print.

Easy Avocados Drawing Ideas For Kids:

Colorful avocados: If you love coloring books, why not try and make one just for avocados? Use your pastel pencils to color a fresh avocado, and then use your regular pencils to create the background.

Having a child make this small drawing is simple enough for them to finish independently. Once you’ve finished this project, you can create small copies of it and even turn them into a holiday card or a fun birthday present.

Simple and easy avocados drawing ideas for kids 

Cartoon Avocados: Between the different colored avocados and the great smiley face, this cartoon drawing would be a great activity for kids or adults.

This can be framed or kept in your sketchbook. The cartoon is mostly made of dots, making it easy for anyone to draw.

The only thing that will require a bit of practice is creating those curvy lines that are crucial with cartoons.


Black and white avocados drawing ideas for adults 

Avocados drawing ideas for beginners 

Kids drawing for school kids


Easy Avocados Drawing Ideas For Adults:

Avocados with leaves: This piece of art shows how incredibly effective small details can be.

The artist used a pencil to create leaves drawn with very little detail and then added some pastel hues to make them pop even more. This is perfect for anyone who likes drawing foliage.

Avocado tree: This drawing is so simple, yet the artist has created it in such a realistic way that it looks like it could be real.

The best thing about this drawing is that there are no lines in the background so you can use any photo of an avocado tree, and you will end up with this cool piece of artwork.

Black and white drawing

colored drawing ideas

Pencil sketch drawing

Avocados Drawing Ideas For Experts:

Avocados with backgrounds: This drawing is so realistic you would think the artist has taken a picture of an avocado and then drawn around it.

We can only tell this is not real by looking at the leaves on top of the fruit, as they are drawn unrealistically.

The background also helps bring out the fruit and make it look more like a photograph. This can be a great drawing for kids to try if they love to draw realistic items.

For expert artist avocados drawing ideas

The big eye avocados: This fantastic piece of art will be perfect if you love superheroes and avocados.

The artist has taken two pictures of avocados and combined them into one fun drawing.

The superhero side is created with just a few lines, while the avocado side has more detail to look realistically heavy.

Amazing Advcados drawing ideas 2023

Avocados drawing ideas for the professional artist

Colored avocados drawing in 2023


No matter what kind of art you are into, there’s at least one drawing idea in here that you can use.

Avocados are a tasty fruit, and we love them almost as much as we love art, so they’re easy to turn into a piece of art.

The only thing you may need to practice is drawing the hair or adding shading to the skin of the avocado, so make sure you try it!

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List Of Equipment Used For This Drawing

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