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22+ Best Oil Paint Set For Beginner Artists | All About Of Oil Paints

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oil paint set for beginners artist

Painting with oils is the perfect way to learn how to do a painting using oils, of course, including making mistakes. In fact, it is an exciting way to create art. You can always correct your mistakes and paint them over without messing up your oil painting.

The most important concept behind the oil painting is to have fun with it and flourish its generous, rich, and glossy texture.

Always try to work at every stage to keep your painting looking good, instead of correcting mistakes at the end, sometimes not possible.

Oil painting is a type of slow-drying paint medium that consists of pigments suspended in drying oil. It results in colored, a tough film on exposure to air.

In oil painting, a binding of tones and color is attained that makes the painting unique, satisfactory linear treatment, and crisp effects.

The results of the oil painting also show transparent, opaque, and translucent painting all lie under its range.

The painting’s name is known as “Arnolfini wedding portrait” is made by famous Netherlandish artist Jan Van Eyck is credited with discovering the practice with oil painting techniques.

Advantages of Oil Painting:-

  • The main advantage of oil painting is its flexibility as well as the depth of color. As it can be applied in several ways, begin from glazes diluted with turpentine to dense thick impasto.
  • The oil-based color of oil paintings is highly rich in pigments, creamy texture, so it blends well with surroundings paints.
  • Oil paints have a nature of slow drying than watercolors- gives more time to artists to work with creative and makes changes
  • The Oil painting can be left open for a long duration of time
  • Oil painting can be exposed to air for various weeks without drying.

If you are seeking the Oil Paint Set For Beginners probably would find all these paints here. To make it easier for you to select the Best Oil Paint Brands, we have reviewed the different oil paints not only for professionals even so for freshers.

Best Oil Paint Set For Professionals As Well As For Beginners

1. Royal Talens Cobra Artists Water Mixable Oil Paint Set

Whether you are practicing new experiments or just do changes to upgrade your skills use Cobra Artists 40 pack oil colors to finish up your work as a masterpiece.

Oil paintings happen with layers over layers, this technique can be achieved through Royal Talens Cobra Artists oil paint colors.


  • Cobra offers 70+ different colors that are lightfast for 100+ years
  • Can be used safely anywhere and clean up with the use of soap and water.


  • Oil paints can not be mixed with acrylic paints. If you want first use acrylic paint, let it dry, and use oil paints after that.

2. Sennelier Rive Gauche Fine Oil Color Set For Artists

Artists are those professionals who are working on every part of painting in a detailed manner.

High pigmented oil color works well for artists to obtain their superb artwork with fine quality of Sennelier Rive Gauche Oil Color.

Each color of 40ml in a pack made with safflower helps to reduce yellowing.

Makers of fine art supplies for over 130 years, Paris-based Sennelier, which still has a store located between both Musee d’Orsay and The Louvre – you can’t get any more authentic than this.

Made from non-yellowing safflower oil that features a butter-like consistency, these oil paints are a high pigment-loaded paint that delivers on all the best characteristics you would ever need.

With nearly every single one of their paints delivering a lightfastness rating of I (able to withstand 100 years without losing its vibrancy) – their archival qualities are second to none.


  • 8 colors of tubes filled up to 40ml
  • Ideal for clearer mixes because of high pigment content
  • High-quality oil paint colors made with safflowers to reduce yellowing
  • It offers greater luminosity as of Cadmium substitute
  • Very attractive packaging, as people get inspired


  • Need proper and organizing space to keep the color tubes at the right place, rather than lose them.

3. U.S. Art Supply Professional 36 Colors Oil Paint  Set For Beginners Artist

Thinking about how the paint spread on the surface becomes easy with rich vivid color specially made for artists, beginners, and students.

These 18ml high-quality tubes are the perfect choice for Oil Paint Set For Beginners. The double-sided mixing wheel tool helps you mix effectively.


  • Colors are non-toxic, acid-free, and oil-based means safe for kids.
  • Mixing is easy with the mixing wheel tool that comes in a box.
  • High pigmented colors made with superior quality.
  • Excellent paint for portraits paintings, landscapes, abstracts, wall art, and scenery.


  • The wet-on-wet technique is hard to achieve with these oil paint colors.

4. Best Oil Paint Set For Artist With 32 Color Painting Set

The paint set is packed with a complete collection of pigment-rich oil-based paints that are easy to blend to create amazing artwork.

You can undoubtfully choose these 32 unique bright and vivid colors Oil Paint Set for your next project.

Oil paints are richer in quality, do not darken when they dry up and are enriched with pigments.


  • Highly pigmented paint with bright and vivid colors.
  • Have one extra brush, so as not to end up your imagination.
  • Perfect packaging of 32 paint colors for the creative artist or painting lover.


  • Oil paints dry up slows, so it needs more time to get a dryer touch than you think.

5. Magicfly Professional Oil Paint Set – 40 Tubes Set

The oil-based paint set of brands Magicfly is designed for seasoned artists as well as for students who are practicing things.

Excellent storage concept is really good to store all the tubes in one place.

The highly rich pigment paint colors come in creamy texture and make paintings be more enjoyable as paint glides smoothly on the palette. Because of the nontoxic feature, 40 tubes paint set is fully safe for kids to use.


  • Ideal paint set for artists, beginners, kids, and teachers.
  • Oils have a thick consistency and excellent coverage.
  • Good transparency rating and well labeled.


  • Needs more quantity of color, because of its good quality.

6. My Artscape Oil Paint Set – 21 ml x 24 Tubes Set (Artists Quality)

My Artscape is one of the best oil paint brands, designing superior quality paint color enriched with high pigments load for vivid oil paintings.

The pigment is strong enough and the colors look natural.

My Artscape offers a one-year replacement guarantee, as if you are not satisfied with the quality of paint, you can return it within one year.


  • A highly and thick mixable oil paint with a traditional lustrous, rich high-sheen finish
  • Non-toxic color paints meet ASTM D-4236 and EN71-3(CE) safety standards
  • Creamy, rich, and textured brush strokes because of thick consistency
  • Glossy finish
  • Highly mixable


  • Color choices might not be tasteful for everyone

7. Ohuhu Oil Paint Set With 24 Oil Based Colors for New Artist

This paint set comes in a variety of colors such as striking cobalt blue, sunny lemon yellow, and luscious crimson red, gives all shades to create your imagination, thoughts, and ideas.

The portable paint set is ideal to take for outdoor paintings, it can be taken to any place such as parks, heights, valleys, cities, and more.


  • Great selection for beginners
  • Easy to take anywhere like the beach, garden, park, city, and indoors
  • Non-toxic color paints with ASTM D-4236 and EN71-3(CE).
  • The perfect packaging for a gift set
  • The shelf life of this paint set is around 3 years.


  • The oil used might not be of good quality, as the price is cheap.

8. LEDTEEM – Best Oil Paints Set with 28 Colors

The oil-based color paints offer bright colors, with more durability among the students, beginners, and professionals.

Having contemporary colors as well as strong plasticity that shows a perfect 3D texture stacking effect.

LEDTEEM provides you with paintbrushes, canvas panels, and color palettes, so you can resume your painting at any time.


  • Pack contains 3 canvas panels(8” X 10”), Nylon painting brushes, 28 colors oil paint tubes.
  • The oil-based color paints are good in rating for durability and lightfastness.
  • Portable to carry at any place such as park, beach, city, garden, valleys, and more.


  • The range of colors is less for great ideas.

9. ZenART Non-Toxic Oil Paints For Professional Artists

We are all blessed with ZenART and Ardak Kassenove is a professional artist and co-founder of ZenART, and creating unlimited palettes not only for basic oil colors but also the particular colors for any type of art.

If you are not satisfied with the quality of color, you can get a 100% money-back guarantee.


  • Paint colors are made with premium quality non-toxic pigment and finest linseed oil.
  • Easy to blend beautifully, as well as thin-out nicely
  • Buttery consistency straight from the tube


  • Linseed binding may turn the color yellow with time.

10. Castle Art Supplies Oil Paint Set – 24 Vibrant Colors Tubes

These paints are of professional quality, come in a wide range of colors even you are not sure about which colors you are going to use.

Oil binding of these paints makes them versatile, and ideal to use and attain perfect results.


  • Ideal for various painting techniques such as Impasto(Loved by Vincent Van Gogh), Alla Prima(wet on wet), and blending.
  • Adequate to mix well and with slow-drying properties
  • Highly pigmented, and luxurious paints that provide vibrant results and captivating on canvas.


  • The quantity of paints in tubes is not mentioned properly.

11. Zenacolor Oil Paint Set – 48 Tubes Set

Zenacolor understands you and offers vivid and bright colors that work excellent for your masterpiece in-depth and provide intensity.

Due to the high-quality material, the paint dries quickly and gives amazing results to your artwork.


  • Have a good rating of durability and lightfastness
  • Give promises incredible results when working with all kinds of brushes
  • Easy to adapt by paper, canvas, sketchbook, oil paint paper, wallpaper, and so on.
  • Includes 48 colors, excellent for occasion gifts like Christmas, thanksgiving, and an art set for teens.


  • Pigmentation could have been better

12. ZenART Oil Paints for Professional Artists – 8x45ml 

If you are seeking premium quality color paint then there is no one that results in goods instead of ZenART.

The co-founder of ZenART, Ardak Kassenove is a professional artist who did research about the ingredients of oil paints used in ancient times.

You will get a complete range of beginners’ choice basic colors to seasoned artists colors variety.


  • Paints are completely safe from harmful dries and solvents fumes.
  • The paint is filled with Buttery consistency colors.
  • Highly pigmented and lightfastness
  • Superb for impasto technique
  • Landscaping, scenery, seasides are the perfect artwork of the impressionist palette.


  • Linseed binding may turn the color yellow with time.

13. Michael Harding’s Artist Oil Colors – Plein Air Set

Michael Harding is for those who is an artist as well as creator of high-quality oil paint sets.

The Michael Harding has been in the business of manufacturing high-quality paint and art since 1982. the paints apply very smoothly without giving any problem like resin-based paints.

The texture of the paint is a beautiful little grainy. The pigmentation is strong and the colors look vivid and bright.

This beginner pack contains six colors, namely Titanium White, Yellow Ochre Deep, Burnt Umber, Yellow Lake, Scarlet Lake, and Ultramarine Blue.


  • Butter-smooth consistency
  • High-quality pigmentation
  • Reputable brand in the artist’s world
  • An excellent quantity of paint


  • Slightly expensive
  • Lightfastness remain unclear

14. Mont Marte Premium – Best Oil Paint Tube

The best oil paint for professional artists to finish up their work with amazing effects. The color of the paint is Brilliant Red which is so popular among artists and sold red color paintings at a good price.

The smooth consistency of color makes it easy to get blend while mixing and covering the area with an effective method. 3.4oz(100ml) tube has the capacity to give excellent tinting strength to the painting.


  • Buttery and smooth consistency
  • Excellent to cover all art
  • Amazing tinting strength
  • Very good lightfastness: It means under the museum lightning, the pigment will remain the same for 50-100 years.
  • Available in a wide range of rich colors.


  • The pigmented is not determined in s structured way.

15. Mozart Supplies – Oil Paint Set of 24 Colors

Mozart Supplies was an establishment done by a couple named duo in 2016. they are the artists who developed a wide range of products by keeping in mind each level of artists.

This starter pack consists of Viridian, Brilliant Red, Crimson Red, Phthalo Blue, Ripe Sienna, Payne’s Gray, Compose Blue, and Cobalt Blue, and the list going on.


  • Smooth consistency, easy to blend
  • Good rating of lightfastness and quick drying feature
  • Excellent to maintain their vivid color once dried
  • Perfect for any art such as window designs, home wall art, portrait paintings, abstract painting, and so on.


  • The quantity is less as compared to pricing.

16. US Art Supply 121 Pieces Painting Kit for Beginners Artist 

If you are searching for the basic essentials as a beginner or to work with all the basic needs of professional artists then surely this US Art supply includes 121 pieces of all prerequisites of a painter in the package.

The package is not completed with 24 tubes of acrylic colors, 24 tubes of oil painting colors, But also consists of 24 tubes of watercolor painting colors along with 10 natural hair bristle paintbrushes.


  • Consists of 2 packs of 16”x20” stretched canvas, 6 packs of 11”x14” canvas panels, and an 11”x14” watercolor paper pad of 300gsm with 12 sheets.
  • Have a good rating of durability
  • Superb quality for gifting
  • The value worth for money


  • All the requisites with small measurements, not fulfill the professional requirements.

17. Grumbacher Pre-tested Oil Paint

Grumbacher is a well-known oil paint set made in the USA. The color is single pigment and has only one excellent rating of lightfast.

A beginner will get a good chance to sharpen their skills while using 10 basic colors of the set.

This set consists of Yellow Ochre, Thalo Green(Blue Shade), Thalo Blue, Grumbacher Red, Bismuth Yellow, Burnt Sienna, Alizarin Crimson, Ivory Black, and Titanium White.


  • Pretested and made for professional providing superior tinting strength.
  • Actual permanence
  • Made in the USA
  • Easily mixability, drying properties, lightfastness, and pigment dispersion.


  • 1 excellent rating for lightfast
  • Single pigmented
  • Less detailed

18. Arteza Oil Paint Set with 24 Color Tubes

If you are a beginner, student, or just begin the painting then the set of 24 color tubes are perfect for doing experiments with a limited range of colors.

The package contains non-toxic paints, rich pigment colors made for hobby painters as well as for kids to create captivating effects in their artworks.

Arteza oil paint set is designed beautifully which is the perfect gift idea for painting lovers.


  • The consistency of colors are thick and flexible
  • Provides a different range of colors with easy mixing
  • The colors are of rich and vibrant quality
  • ACMI tested and approved


  • Not detailed properly
  • Slow drying of paint

19. Winsor & Newton Winton Oil Paint – 200ml Tube

The most popular Winsor & Newton brand made high-quality colors that are enriched with a smooth consistency and easy to blend over the canvas. The consistency of the colors does not change while painting.

The consistency can become up to the stiffness of the paint. Other paints get washed out with knife strokes but the Winton paints retain their beauty.


  • Made with high-quality material yet affordable
  • Permanence rating which is A-Permanent
  • Good in transparency and opacity
  • ASTM 1- Excellent, fine in lightfastness rating


  • The linseed binding may turn the colors yellow with time.

20. Cobra Water Mixable Oil Color Starter Set – 5x40ml

This paint set consists of 40ml tubes which are made in the Netherlands by Cobra Brand. For students who are at beginner level or learning how to paint with oil, the Cobra water-mixable oil colors are ideal for them.

You can achieve classic oil painting techniques by the use of these 5 sets of color tubes. Basic colors will teach you the requirement of each color in painting.


  • Amazing set for beginners
  • Can be used by all ages of students
  • Classic oil painting techniques work well with this painting set.
  • Made in the Netherlands


  • Not detailed in a decent way

21. Arteza Acrylic Paint Set – 60 Colors/Tubes

The quality of the Arteza Acrylic paint set is made of high quality that gives eye-catching effects to your artwork.

The 22ml of rich pigment color gives you a variety of options that can be used to create landscapes, portraits, scenery, and riverside. The high durable color set is portable to carry and get detached as per your requirements.


  • Carefully designed for all levels of artists
  • Non-Toxic Metallic Paint and non-fading features
  • Amazing quality and value of paint set worth for its quality.
  • ACMI certified safe for students, adults, and kids.


  • Hard to find detach colors while painting, requires proper spacing for it.

22. Best Oil Paints For Professionals Artist

This Oil Paint set has concentrated color pigments that are durable for a long time.

Beginning with vibrant colors that are bright, expert for striking, and vivid to create spontaneous effects.

This set contains three highly durable brushes of different shapes and sizes to give a striking effect to your art. Foldable feature with a compact design makes this set more preferable by the artists.


  • Portable and easy to carry while traveling, outdoor painting
  • The lightfast pigment is from Italy, and resistant to fading
  • The Wet-on-Wet technique is excellent with these colors
  • S. ASTM D-4236 and EU EN71 certified.


  • Linseed binding may turn the color yellow with time.

23. 2021 Professional Oil Paints Set 45ml Tubes | Eco-Friendly and Non-Toxic and Lightfast Paint

24. Williamsburg Oil Traditional Colors Set For Artist

25. Grumbacher Pre-Tested Oil Paint, 24ml/0.81 oz Tube, 10-Color Set (P1030G)

Frequently Asked Questions Related to Artist Oil Paint Set

Which is the best oil paint?

Whether you are exploring oils for the first time, or you want to create your best masterpiece, the oil paint that you come up with for your studio can make a measured impact on a variety of factors.

The great artists of oil paintings are Cezanne, Matisse, and Picasso, who teach us how to play with oil paints with creativity.

Some of the best oil paints are mentioned below which are of good quality for beginners as well as for seasoned artists.

How long does oil paint take to dry?

Painting with oil paints is really fun and enjoyable activity with your imagination. Different kinds of oils can be used in your oil painting and the drying up time is considered by many factors.

You can work with all colors in the range that are on your palette for between four and eight hours. You can touch the dry colors after 18 to 24 hours.

Hence, the thickness of the paint, as well as the temperature of the room in which you are working, will also be considered in the drying times of your work.

How to get oil-based paint off your skin?

You need to grab oil products around the house, like vegetable oil, baby oil, or olive oil, and massage it. Then rinse your hands with soap and water.

Another way you can try to paint off the skin by applying Mayonnaise and Mentholated topical ointment as both are oil-based products. They are known to break down and dissolve oil-based paint.

After applying these products, always wash and moisturize the affected area after you remove the paint. Because many cleaning methods are damaging to the skin. So apply moisturizing lotion to keep your skin soft and supple.

How to make oil paint dry faster?

Drying up your oil paint takes many conditions under consideration.

Firstly you can leave the painting in a well-ventilated open area where air circulates. Prefer a warm room to dry up your painting instead of dries in a cold environment. Do not use hairdryers to ruin up your work.

You can paint thin layers and washes which will dry quickly.

Try to paint your canvas with acrylic paint that dries promptly and then you can go to use oil paints on top. Moreover, some paint colors dry faster than others due to the pigments.

How to use oil paint?

Oil paint’s unique heterogeneity makes it perfect for creating distinct styles and can open up a large selection of surfaces on which you can create your art.

Impasto is an impressive technique where you can put in thick layers of paint to obtain a three-dimensional appearance. This method reveals your piece to life and for a more constructive look, use a palette knife so that the paint stands up from the surface.

This technique works well for a painting that is influenced by abstract or Baroque art.

Another technique that is very famous among artists, is to layer up over and over to create an eye-catching effect.

If don’t want to ruin your artwork, make sure each layer completely dry before applying the next coat.

What is the difference between acrylic and oil paint?

Acrylic paint works as the best paint for beginners, as it is accessible and simple to use, also requires very few materials, and is much less instructive compared to oils.

Acrylic paints dry faster as compared to oils that take up to months for dry touch. Some of the points are listed below about the differences between acrylic and oil paints:-

  • Acrylic paints look darker when they dry, but oils do not have this issue.
  • The blending of paint becomes very easy with oil paints especially when you are working on landscapes, with acrylics you can’t blend because of its quick-drying nature.

Who invented oil paint?

Oil paintings belong to the antique stuff, and art history attempt to perform these paintings in an advanced form. Western art is greatly corresponding with oil painting, and wholly in the traditional and modern periods.

During the 15th century, Jan van Eyck, a popular Belgian painter developed oil painting by mixing linseed oil and oil out of nuts with different colors.

In 1774, the work of Theophilus Presbyter identified perhaps with Roger of Helmarshausen, was found to have given instructions for producing oil paints, specifically Cinnar(Lead) Red in the Linseed oil medium, in Schedule diversarium artium, dated to about 1125.

How to wash oil paintbrushes?

While working with oil paints become a complex situation, when you want to wash your oil paintbrushes. Wash your oil paint brushes require proper items and instructions to get good results.

Items you are required:-

  • Paper towel/newspaper
  • Paint thinner(Recommended- Gamblin Odorless Solvent)
  • Soap(Recommended – Chelsea Classical Studio Professional Artists Hand Soap)
  • Some old cups or mugs
  • Oil paintbrush cleaner(Recommended – Chroma Brush Cleaner, or The Master’s Brush Cleaner)
  • Gloves

What to avoid:-

  • Paint strippers
  • Wire paint combs
  • Detergent

The process:-

  • Firstly, get rid of paintbrushes of as much excess oil paint as possible
  • Then break down the remaining oil paint
  • Lastly resting the brushes

Where to buy oil-based paint?

These days not only markets are flooded with premium quality oil-based paint but also online e-commerce websites are enriched with the top brands of oil-based paint which got the first preference of professional artists.

You can read out the reviews, check the quality, quantity, prices, brand name, and can compare with other products by sitting on your couch at home instead of wasting time going out and seeking high-quality products. Take a look at the listed best oil paint brands sets:-


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