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12+ Best Drawing Kits For Beginner Artists | Art Drawing Kit

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12+ Best Drawing Kit

It has been said that finding the best art set that matches the standard of professionals to beginners and adults to kids with different needs like painting, drawing, and sketching can be a difficult and confusing task.

But not anymore, this guide will help you to alleviate some of that difficulty and give you a detailed analysis of some top picks of art kits for painting, drawing, and sketching.

Doesn’t matter who you are a beginner or professional artist these top collection of drawing kit gives you the best quality, safety, and organization while enabling you to bring your skills and find your hidden artist with hours of leisure.

Being a beginner, if you are starting to be serious about your artwork and want to draw. No matter what your age is, you should also need to be starting seru=ious about the materials that you use. In this guide, you will get the top picks of drawing kits that are not only best for beginners but for a professional artist too.

List of The Best Drawing Kits For Artists

1. Premium Drawing Kit with 100 Sheets 9X6” + Zippered Travel Case

Art is all about skill and passion. No matter what type of artist you are but having a professional tool is a must. You cannot grow in this art field if you don’t have perfect tools. Even if you only draw a composition for painting or any kind of sketch, you’ll need to use the best quality materials.

This drawing pencil set offers you a wide variety of hardness to fulfill your all artwork needs. This sketching set includes all sketching and drawing accessories which include charcoal pencils, paper blending stumps, charcoal and graphite sticks, pencil extender, art knife, etc.

2. Premium Drawing Pencil Set of 74pce With Free Zippered Travel Case

Pencil Drawing might seem simple to you, but the fact is numerous factors need to be considered while choosing the best pencil set. You will find an endless variety of drawing art kits but choosing the best can be a task. This premium drawing pencil set consists of colored pencils, a watercolor pencil, metallic pencil, sketching pencil, and charcoal pencil. It is a complete pencil set with a huge selection of vivid, vibrant colors and is particularly designed for art students and professional artists.

3. Sketching Pencils Set

Pencils are the first tool that creative people use when sketching out painting, drawing, sculpture, or even designs for new clothing. So is it good to say that is the most important tool of every artist? And it needs to be the best for improving artwork.

This sketching pencil set is the complete artists kit which includes graphite pencils, a sketch pad, a professional sketch pencil set, eraser, and sharpener. No matter you are a professional artist or totally a beginner, in this kit you’ll find what you are looking for.

4. Sketching and Charcoal Pencils Kit

You can explore a wide variety of choices for tools when it comes to drawing. Yet sketching with charcoal pencils is always enjoyable as it is so freeing to make big and lively moments across your paper with messy hands.

Charcoal, from the beginning, is a popular tool for every artist especially for those who like to sketch and do it speedily. This pencils set comes with the complete drawing supplies set with art pencils, sketch pad, pencil sharpeners, kneaded eraser, and more.

5. 26 Piece Drawing and Sketching Pencil Art Set For Beginners Artist

The ability to draw is the first and important skill of every artist. And drawing and sketching pencils are the ones that elaborate drawings and give them realistic shapes.

So artists need to have a quality drawing and sketching kit that not only helps to create a masterpiece but also provides them a smooth drawing experience. One can create magnificent drawings and sketches with this art set which includes all the important tools any artist needs.

6. Deluxe Best Wooden Art Set Crafts Drawing Painting Kit

Drawing and painting are all about giving shape to your imagination on white blank paper. Being a professional artist one would have the ability to create vivid images of people, places, and houses. To create something unique on paper, one should need a well-equipped art kit with a wide variety of art tools.

This versatile art wooden kit has all sorts of painting and drawing tools that are best for painting lovers, hobbyists, and even professionals. Apart from this, it has a removal drawer to properly organized your tools safely.

7. Drawing Set with Case and 100-Sheet Sketch Book Art Kit

Artists always seek to draw something unique and extraordinary, this why they often spend their time in a calm and peaceful place so they can give wings to their imagination and can create a remarkable piece of art. This compatible and complete drawing kit is best to take anywhere without any hassle.

This professional drawing kit set offers artists multiple charcoals and graphite pencil, graphite sticks, blending tools. You can easily arrange art supplies and pencils in the given nylon zipper case and easily travel anywhere.

8. 33PCS Drawing Set For Both Artist Professional and Beginners

The material you needed for drawing is simple, one just needs some tools and a sheet of blank paper on which to make it. In other words, you can say, paper and pencils are the basic starting material to get started.

But when you grow up as an artist, you will need to make some addition to tools with fine quality as you’ll find that there are different techniques and materials. And this drawing set is one of the best tool kits you can choose. This kit includes a woodless graphite pencil, sandpaper, soft robber, mental utility knife, white rubber, etc.

9. Drawing Sketching Set

No matter what kind of artists you are, what is your area of interest whether you like painting, drawing, or sketching. Without practice you can never create a masterpiece, the more you practice, the more you will polish your skills.

But that is not the only thing which you need to become a professional artist, you’ll need professional tools to create the best. This drawing sketching comprises professional drawing accessories including wooden graphite sketching pencils, soft pastel sticks, white and black charcoal pencil, pencil case, blending paper stumps, etc.

10. 145-Piece Colored Pencils Set

Working with colored pencils is always fun, one can create amazing drawings and sketches. But apart from this there one way to enhance your artwork skills is to learn how to perfectly use colors and how to blend them on paper. And it is quite easy once you have a clear understanding of this.

This colored pencil set is made with crude wood and tested by TUV and also harmless to the human body. This sketching set has 145 pieces of art accessories which contain a black marker, pencil extender, eraser, sketch pad, charcoal pencil, etc.

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11. Sketching Pencils Art Supplies with Drawing Tools for Beginners

It is a fact that with the right drawing tool, you’ll feel more sanguine in creating your best artwork. But picking up the right tool is equally important, with the right tools you will feel like a process of trial and error. This deluxe art kit is professional and suits every artist whether he/she is professional or just a beginner. This drawing art kit includes set of 19 pencils, graphite sticks, color sticks, pastel pencil and other pieces of art which is essential for drawing.

12. 54-Piece Drawing & Sketching Art Kit For Artist

Frequently Asked Questions Related To Drawing Kit

What is the best drawing kit?

Choosing the best drawing kit for artists can be a task because artists are kind of choosy and quite particular about their professional tools. Yet there are countless options available out there you can explore online and can also go with some offline options.

You can go with a good set of colored pencils, outlining pens, watercolors, alcohol markers, etc are some of the options you can choose. You can buy them in a kit or combine different tools to make a good option. This is a kind of inexpensive option which one can easily prefer without compromising the quality.

What is in a drawing kit?

A drawing kit is basically a compact box where you can carry a variety of drawing tools in an organized manner. When you grow as an artist, you will find that there are different materials and new techniques you need to use to become a professional artist.

Here is the drawing kit comes into existence. You can carry your choice of drawing tools like graphite pencils, pastel pencils, colored pencils, crayons, conte` sticks, pencils, charcoal sticks, graphite sticks, watermarks, dip pens, brushes, etc. The fact is you can add tools in drawing according to the requirement and a kind of your work.

How do get better at drawing?

People who are seeing their career as artists often remark that they wish they could do a better job or wish they could improve their drawing. Well, it can get better with more and more practice.

If you draw a lot, you will improve and get better. Apart from this, there are certain thing that you can add to your practice and i.e, draw something and repeat it again and again until you won’t create the best one, look at other peoples drawing and their observe their patterns and try to make your way of creation, draw from some good drawing, start drawing from photographers.

By following these simple steps and day-by-day practice you will start seeing the difference in your drawing.

Where to start drawing?

There is the time that comes in every person’s life once in a lifetime and that is what to do and where to start. The same goes for the artists. They are attracted to art but don’t know from where to start.

Well, the first thing you need to be truthful to your taste and get a set of references of every subject, then start analyzing them to find some common lines, now use these lines to create a simple representation of the body you can use gesture sketch as a simple suggestion to draw the complete structure.

These are some of the basic techniques which you can use on the initial stage just to start something but later you’ll need some professional suggestion.

How to improve drawing skills?

Sometimes it may seem difficult to get better at drawing, but the fact is you can work to improve your drawing and can become a professional artist. You just need to create fundamental drawing skills just by focusing on basic shapes and lines and using different mediums and of course at practice, practice and practice.

Also, one needs to focus on fundamentals which means you need to practice drawing curves and straight lines to improve your basic drawing skills, add some shading to your created sketches to practice adding depth. Use different drawing tools in order to find your tool preference.

How to start drawing?

Drawing is a craft that only gets better with practice. You are not alone in the world when you say that you are not better at drawing. Well, all the renowned artists have started their career with stick figures at some point in their life. They are famous because they had an insatiable desire with them to do something better.

Just to start, take a pencil and paper and sit in a comfortable position and try to make something that comes to your mind with complete focus. With this, you’ll get to know about your abilities. In the next step, you can join an art class where you will start from scratch under professional guidance.

What are the 5 types of drawing?

Drawing is the soul of the artist and is a creative tool to express their thoughts and feelings. Drawing can be a design, sketch, a plan, or a graphic representation made with different pencils, pens,  or crayons. It totally depends on its purpose and nature. There are different kinds of drawing with real illustration and i.e, Line drawing, photorealism/hyperrealism, doodling, pointillism drawing, architectural drawing, etc.

Can I learn drawing by myself?

Anyone can learn drawing as long as he/she will able to hold a pencil. Drawing is a part of art and art is a natural thing. If you are interested in drawing you will learn it naturally through some routing practice. But one should need to be completely dedicated and about the task.

The more practice the more your drawing will get smooth with time. Initially, you might not be able to make something creative or may not even able to create a curve but later with the practice and under experienced guidance, it will get better with your day-to-day practice.

How to find your drawing style?

Drawing is about creativity and drawing style is what sets you different from other professional artists and makes you different in the

crowd. Your drawing style is the showcase of your personality and is a sign of your creativity. Learning drawing techniques is just the beginning.

But when you become professional your drawing should be your showcase to express your style. For this, you can discover different styles, like you can research popular illustrators, visit galleries and museums, buy graphic nobles or art books.

How to hold a pencil when drawing?

Drawing is something which can be with different grips. You cannot hold a pencil or color in one pattern as the sketch is being created the holding pattern also changes. It is also a fact that by holding a pencil in different positions, your drawing will greatly improve.

Holding a pencil, in the same way, may limiting your drawing skills so you should hold the pencil in different ways when drawing.  There are five ways to hold a pencil while drawing; the traditional grip, the drumstick grip, the paintbrush grip, inverted grip, tip heavy overhand grip.


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