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9 Awesome Benefits of Finger Painting for Kids You Must Know About

There’s nothing more entertaining and fun than finger painting for kids. We all have been there once, and we know how inspiring it feels to smear and paint your canvas or white paper with so many colors!

Sadly, many parents perceive this habit as annoying and a waste of stationeries. But you’ll be surprised to know how beneficial finger painting can prove to your kid’s mental and intellectual growth.

This article shares nine awesome benefits of finger painting for kids you must know about. So, without any further ado, let’s introduce you to the cherishable benefits of finger painting.

1. Advanced Sensory Learning

Letting your kids finger-paint is one of the best ideas for sensory play activities. You can’t go wrong with this idea as your youngster will immerse in their world of imagination— a very significant factor behind mental and sensory development.

When your child is playing with colors, they’re exploring many shades of colors, learning to sift distinct colors from a large color spectrum, and handling objects like crayons, pencils, paper, etc. This paves the way for them to understand future abstract art and critical aspects of mathematics, science, and linguistics.

2. Growth of Intellect

Apart from exploring many colors and innate potential, kids can grow intellectually by finger painting. Did you know that finger painting or freestyle painting can develop both sides of the brain in kids? In fact, many adults were reported to have significantly grown their capacity to learn new skills by painting.

Kids have tender brains. They are curious about their surroundings and love exploring it. So, allowing them to finger-paint will only teach them to use various colors. They’ll learn how to use particular crayons on papers objectively specifically. Being able to use any object with a goal is vital.

3. Expression of Emotion

Has it ever occurred to you that your little one may be trying to convey a message through their wall painting? Or have you just become so annoyed that you just told them off?

Look twice at the great piece of art your kiddo has made. You might find some clues. One of the many types of painting that expresses emotion is finger painting. Your child may be stressed, angry, scared, or emotionally drained due to something. Be glad you’re getting to know what your child is going through.

4. Developed Fine Motor Skills

When it comes to finger painting, remember, it’s not just the painting they are doing. It involves your kid’s fine motor skills while painting with so many objects; hands, eyes, paper, cutter, pencils, toys, etc.

Constantly working with measurements will enable your child to work with many things while producing various arts. This, in a way, strengthens your kid’s hand muscles and develops pre-writing skills. Besides, the kiddo will adjust his daily life skills like tying shoe laces, buttoning shirts, keeping stuff in the right places, etc.

5. Expanded Imagination

One of the most significant benefits of finger painting for kids is that they do it willingly. And that’s what makes it more fun and enjoyable for them. If your kid is independently smearing the canvas with flashy colors, texts, figures, and patterns, it brings them a world of joy.

Consequently, their imagination grows, and the urge to know more increases. Moreover, their VAK system (visual, auditory, and kinaesthetic) will improve significantly.

6. Developed Cognitive System

For young kids keen on learning how to start painting, finger painting could be a good starting point. You may see a developed cognitive system in your baby in a few months. A developed cognitive system is a state in children when they can identify objects and numbers.

If your toddler is finger painting for a while, it knows which color to use and where. Freestyle coloring and painting help children achieve cause-and-effect understanding. For instance, they know very well that yellow and red can be blended to make orange.

7. Improved Social Skills

Obviously, your kids won’t go to the clubs or pubs, but hey, they can make a fun gathering while attending a group finger painting class or session. Kids love to show off; that’s their nature.

Hence, when they participate in finger painting, they’ll learn to be confident in showing their pieces to others. Moreover, other kids may share their ideas and styles. They’ll talk, laugh, and have fun. So they won’t have social difficulties as they grow up.

8. Way of Relieving Stress

Whether your kid is a preschooler or teen, finger painting can effectively relieve stress for them. The vibrant lush of many hues helps them forget their daily miseries like bullies, scolding, fear, bad breakfast, etc.

If your kid is finger painting more often, you may look into the matter a bit more seriously than usual. Kids may sometimes use colors as a mask of sadness or depression. So, all those messy walls, tablecloths, t-shirts, etc., may be a sign of a gloomy soul inside. It’s wise to utilize these signs to restore your kid’s mental peace.

9. A Promising Career

Congrats! You might have the next Picasso in your house. Or a bit more than that. Whatever the case, you should cherish these moments of joy with your kid when it paints away within its little world. Sometimes toddlers or even younger ones may make a big mess out of colors.

But you mustn’t cut their enthusiasm short. Instead, you may motivate them in their passion and encourage them to choose painting as a potential career in arts and culture.

Key Takeaways

Kids are all about fun and exploration. You must let them have that fun to pass their time happily. Finger painting might sound messy. However, it’s absolutely harmless as long as your kid’s not putting their rainbowed fingers into their mouth.

As we’ve shared the nine awesome benefits of finger painting for kids, use them in your kid’s mental, physical, and intellectual growth. Lastly, you can always consult an experienced ECD specialist for expert advice.

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