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Newest 2023 Updated 250+ Simple and Easy Butterfly Drawing Ideas

butterfly drawing ideas for all aged artist by viral painting

Find the eye-catchy, most beautiful, and heart-soothing butterfly drawings ideas with us.

In this blog, you will get to see the collection of butterfly drawings that you can use to have ideas for your next drawing project. 

Look, you may not know who your audience is. They may be children, teens adults, or probably overly aged people. So it is not certain that every one of those will love your ideas. 

So, we decided to divide our work according to the thoughts, and requirements of different aged people to help visitors easily find what they were seeking. 

We have seen a lot of people struggling to find the exact theme they were looking for in art. As an example, a kid might be looking for something sleek and simple on a website that offers drawings for experts, or an adult artist who wants to explore his hobbies might have stuck into the children’s section or a difficult drawing of butterflies. 

To overcome this stereotype, our team decided to present every idea in a different way that is specially tailored for each age group. 

Stay tuned to the bottom line to grab the perfect deal of learning art with ViralPainting. 

Best Butterfly drawings For Everyone

Do not bottle up your emotions and give up on the inner child that says you to make paintings, draw pictures, and fill in colors. If you were failed to find a good idea, there is no need to be worried. We got you. 

Scroll down to 3 sections curated as per a specific need. 

Choose any of the drawing ideas which you love to work with. 

I hope everyone will enjoy the process. 

All the best! 

Let’s begin. 

Easy Butterfly Drawings For Kids 

Hey children, it’s your place to encourage your skills. We don’t judge you, we don’t give marks on your abilities. We just teach and share our ideas with you. 

Here, a variety of photos of butterflies are added. Just find the one that resonates most with you and start working. 

Butterflies are pretty, attractive, and hard to catch. Make this simple drawing of a butterfly for beginners.

Get to taste the beauty in pink with this pink butterfly drawing idea that is best for every aged artist.

I find this easy black butterfly sketch a lot more easier even for kids who want to add butterflies to their drawings.

Do you want to make something smooth on paper? Make a butterfly figure and add two circles to it.

This sky blue and purple butterfly idea are worth a try. It makes things look more eye-catching.

Check out this cute lil butterfly who just came out from the valve. Fill green and yellow shades to make it look newborn and fragile from the outside.

I love this crayon butterfly art. Kids will enjoy making it as the way to draw this drawing is completely fun!

For the people to whom general butterfly drawing bores, this is the best idea for them all to make their day interesting with this unique modern butterfly idea 2023.

I remember when i used to catch the aesthetic butterflies in my garden. Referring to that pretty creature, i added this idea to my collection.

Try this strange simple butterfly with thick marker. It is also easy to draw and you need to fill teh colors as per desire.

I bet this outstanding adorable butterfly will make everyone amazed by its unique attractiveness and the way it looks.

Take a white sheet and make an exact drawing of the butterfly as shown. It will be best if you color the same shades to maintain the balance between the two entities.

Draw an long thin oval for the butterfly body and add two wings to it by making 3-3 for two times. I attached this simple butterfly drawing for kids.

Here we go with the minimal and adorable butterfly drawing idea.

Yellows are warming. Get to draw this pretty admiring yellow butterfly art and give some inner details for adding realistic tones to your fantastic butterfly.

Ever thought of making effortless art? This is your chance. Move your hands nicely and make this nicely designed butterfly in a single stroke.

Would you like to have fun with this butterfly larva who just got his new life? She looks joyful and full of life.

Amaze your mates with this most beautiful light purple butterfly 2023. Best for adults, children, and every aged painter.

Give your creativity another level with this way prettier than ever butterfly in blue shades. Attention to DETAILS!

Check out this feminine sexy butterfly in red. It will look superb sitting in flowers and beside a princess drawing.

Simple to make butterfly

Butterfly with cute face

simple to make butterfly

Cool butterfly for kids activity

For Colored and best for kids butterfly

Colored butterfly for new artist

only Butterfly feather drawing

This one is good ideas for kids school drawing projesct.

Cute smiley face butterfly

Beautiful Drawings of Butterflies for Adults 

For mature mates who prefer some deep work of art in drawings, you landed on the ideal section. I know you must have your own ideas in mind and might want only a spark to start off working on a hobby. 

Here you go, let’s find your favorite:

Try out this giant butterfly idea for adults, you will love working on it, i promise.

This giant butterfly easy to draw and best for adults is stealing the attention of everyone with its huge pretty wings.

This time, try something never imagined. Look at the thin pretty butterfly wings. Make this huge gorgeous butterfly on your canvas.

Have a shot of this charming butterfly drawing idea for adults. It is admiring as well as simple to make.

Want to draw this? Listen to me, simply draw two strokes. You do not need to add features.

Have some thin pencil or brush and start this art from the inclined butterfly body. Give it wings as shown in the picture.

Add charm to your day with this popular butterfly art ( simple and easy to draw) for all aged people.

This fairy butterfly is looking at you. Do not get confused, stay calm and draw the soft and transparent wings nicely.

Slightly bend to the left, work on this butterfly if you are thinking of making an art for your wall decoration.

This drawing is not simple, put your efforts in making it perfect. No bending at all. It is perfect for beginner artists who love to make butterfly easy sketches.

Try this butterfly drawing flying looking real. For adults, who want to work on 3d butterfly sketch, it is the best choice.

People who want to work quickly on butterflies can take this picture as a help because this is a super easy and very instantly drawn butterfly for every artist.

Make this cute butterfly drawing on your sheets now. Give it fine wings. This flying realistic butterfly is awesome for teens, adults and children.

Try this best butterfly idea for adults and fill the body with details similar to the given picture.

Earn never imagined compliments with this adorable unique butterfly realistic for adult artists.

Add some textures with the same color or marker inside the butterfly’s body. It may be more suitable for people with a good hand on tough sketches.


Make this butterfly art with four wings integrated but looks cool. Keep the outlines thick.

Want to try this wild giant pretty butterfly flying idea? Do come with this reference.

Im sure this real looking butterfly will capture every eye’s attention. Adult poeple with a quite experience in painting can make this sketch easily.

This simple, elegance and unique butterfly art is very attractive as well as popular among artists. Try this out today for something special.

Butterfly Drawing Ideas for Experts 

Well, I appreciate the experienced artists that chose ViralPainting for butterfly drawing ideas and I promise to show the jolly & cheerful pictures. 

Let’s start diving!

Create your another masterpiece with this yellow and black butterfly realistic best fro experts.

This thin and flying butterfly is stealing attentoin with its nicely made wings. It is certainly best for expert folks.

Do not afraid to break some rules of following the trends of beautiful cute butterflies and check out this simple sleek art of butterfly.

This flying butterfly is heading down towards the ground, add textures and shade as shown in the picture. It is the best idea for experienced artists.

It is an advance level of butterfly sketch. Do you want a venture this day? Lets have a skecth marathon with this idea of butterfly drawing.

Have your best shot of this cute little butterfly sitting on cloud.

I love this cute purple and green baby butterfly sketch.

Here is a rainbow butterfly chilling between clouds. Check out the detailed wings and nice smile of it. Experts must have their canvas ready for this stunning drawing.

This purple and pink butterfly art has mirror design on wings, the black body looks like a magical feature. Want to try it, do not wait, just do it, buddy!

Oh Damn! This is stunning. Look at the fairy’s back, covered with half wing and half flowers.

This flying butterfly cute has astonishing patterns on its wings. It is certainly blessed with the heavely beauty.

Try this cherished charming butterfly male, chiling in the sun under blue sky. Best idea for expert people who love art.


Here another similar small butterfly idea for experts. You can take reference from the bottom right corner to fill teh pretty shades.

Make the butterfly popular painting with antennas on her head and closed eyes. Refer to the image for every tiny detail to get the awesome results, my friend.

I think this butterfly sketch is best for every age group. Look how he is coming out of the cloud. Popping like he is playing hide and seek with his friends and siblings.

Take a step forward and add the background to this cute baby face butterfly drawing.

This is the best butterfly easy drawing idea for expert people who are looking for simple yet fantastic idea. Use lavender, yellow and sky blues to leave an impact on viewers.

Cute Chasmis butterfly drawing idea.

Try this rose butterfly wings drawing easy to make for experienced but hard for others. Use your full focus for achieving the detailed and effective resuts. All the best folks.

Flowers in buttefly feather drawing.

Queen Buttefly with cute sunset drawing

Shadow buttefly drawing

For expert artist new design butterfly drawing.

butterfly with galaxy drawing

Beautiful black and white butterfly drawing

Detailed butterfly for expert artist

The Bottom Line

We just completed exploring the widest and easy ideas of butterflies drawing photos. Our website is unique because we only present what is demanded and suitable for our audience. 

I am sure each one of you is happy and admired the collection. We come up every week with great ideas, you can retrace to us for versatile painting and art drawings.

Comment down below and share your thoughts and suggestions. Follow us on social media for more updates.

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