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30+ Best Gifts For Artists | Perfect Gift Ideas For Artist   

best gift ideas for artist

Who doesn’t like receiving gifts? There is barely a person in this world. Right? Actually, the fact is we all cherish them and treasure them throughout our life. It has been said that gifts are another way to show your love and gesture to others.

We can say it is the simple version of gifts as a concept. But it is also a fact that they vary from person to person.

Especially when it comes to choosing the best gifts for artists. Because artists are known for having a particular and a very good taste which generally needs more thought than normal shopping. We need to make some extra effort to choose the best for them.

Well, not anymore because we are here with the best gift ideas which you can give embolden their capability and creativity.

Well, not only embolden their skills but If you give a thought about it, you are kind of playing a role to create an incredible piece of their art with your small gift.

List Of Gift Ideas For Artist

1. Deluxer Artist Painting Set

No matter you are searching for a perfect gift for an aspiring painter or just want to give yourself the gift of inspiration.

This incredible artist painting set will surely give you the insight that hoists the creativity of all artists lust over.

This deluxe painting set not only does have everything that you are looking for in a painting set but they are immensely highest rated in their class.

So you can flawlessly give a spark to your creativity and can create a masterpiece.

2. Art Set in Wooden Case

Give your talent a glimpse of an exclusive drawing art set that comes in a creative wooden case.

If you love to travel and seeking a compatible case to carry the art set then this is the right thing to choose.

It is not only easy to handle during traveling but can also use as a great gift for kids, adults, teens, and great artists.

One can finally organize all sorts of things like watercolors, brushes, charcoal, oil pastels, colored pencils, acrylic, and watercolor paints.

3. Canvas Apron with Pockets

These can be great gifts for artists. As you already know painting exercise is a kind of messy work, and color stains can spoil your clothes by leaving a dark patch that might be hard for you to vanish.

So this artist canvas apron with pockets perfectly works for you to keep everything tidy. By using these canvas aprons you could probably create abstract art without messing with your clothes.

The large and small pockets of this are particularly designed to keep your brushes and colors, which makes it comfortable and easy for painting.

4. Professional Painting Kit with Wood French Easel

Art and creativity go side by side, one needs to think out of the box to create a masterpiece. But it can be a little difficult and overwhelming to paint without an easel so gift your artist friend this value artist’s acrylic professional painting kit with the solid beech wood french easel.

A painting will never say no to painting colors and the easel. They always seek things like this; hence this Delux artist painting set is must be on the painter’s list.

5. Professional Watercolor Pencils Set

This set of watercolor pencils set is a unique medium for creating art. You can blend drawing with the painting in a very creative manner that no other medium can replicate.

These pencils are quite similar to colored pencils, but their reaction to water makes them behave a bit like paint.

This is why it has been said that watercolor pencils are the perfect blend of both worlds for artists who both paint and draw.

6. Art Set for Beginners Artist

Colors are the most essential and execting component of a painting. In both abstract and figurative painting colors can be used to beautify things and uplift the mood to express or arouse the emotions of the artist.

So gifting this complete pack of painting art sets is not only an ideal choice for artists but also perfect for beginners who just started their career in art.

This premium set comes with all types of drawing and coloring materials for artists of all ages like pastels, crayons, colored pencils, watercolors, and markers.

7. Water Painting Board

Painting without a suitable artist board is just like having brushes without colors.

This is the reason every artist needs a compatible artist board that can provide a flat surface on which artists can easily mix paints and a range of colors that he is going to use in their painting.

It can be a gift idea for an artist because every time they get stressed they can create amazing creations only with water and will disappear automatically when the water dries.

8. LED Drawing Board

This LED Drawing Board Light Box could transform the creative workflow of every artist. It enables you to trace accurately and easily onto normal paper of various sizes and is widely used by every artist and designer.

One can use this board at the beginning of the creative process like you one can easily copy rough sketches on scrap onto drawing paper. This lightbox is equipped with energy-efficient flicker-free led lamps that work perfectly even with the illustrated surface.

9. Best 3D Printing Pen

Give your art a complete professional look with the Best 3D Printing Pen with an OLED display.

When you use this 3D printing pen to draw something, it becomes a three-dimensional thing. This 3D pen has taken the art of drawing to the subsequent level.

Its adjustable feeds allow you to regulate flow and speed for flawless control of material while you are drawing.

10. Two-Finger Drawing Tablet Glove

No matter you are a designer, artist or you just like to draw beautiful pictures, the two-figure Drawing Tablet Glove is always your good friend.

A true artist will actually know how important it is to use the right drawing gloves so your drawing is not spoiled and that your final work is impeccable.

This drawing table glove with two figures is specially created for those who use the graphic table, tracing light pad, lightbox for their creative work.

11. Paint Brush Holder

Keeping all the brushes in one place and in a sorted manner makes it smooth for painters to keep things organized in a proper manner.

This paintbrush holder comes in a thick cloth pouch with a quality wrap in canvas material, which is uniquely stitched for more durability.

The pouch has different sections to keep your painting brushes of different sizes and protects the brushes and tips from damage which is kind of great consideration for some of your expensive brushes.

12. Artist Paintbrush Holder with Paint Brush Basin and Palette

Tired of the messiness of your brushes, then you surely need to give it a try to this multifunctional artist paintbrush basin.

This is a professional paint brush basin that is specifically designed for the convenience of artists.

It features a place for brushes, water, lid, and paint which makes it a perfect companion for artists and decorative painters.

It is very compact, lightweight, and can easily carry everywhere to make your painting less messy and more creative.

13. Non-Stick Artist Paint Palette

Having a non-stick artist paint palette is another best gift for an artist. The flat surface of this plat gives a bright surface for clear color mixing.

It is very light in weight and easy to store and will not crack or warp over time.

But the best that attracts the most is its easy-to-clean feature. This material plate is a way easy to clean whether the paint is wet or dry.

14. Pencil Drawing Kit for Professional Artist

As an artist having the right tools kit at your disposal will help you to bring out your true artistic vision.

If you just started with setting up your artistic workspace then this is the best thing you can give to yourself as a self-gift.

You will fall in love with this complete art set. Because you are getting a plethora of top-quality art supplies with which one can explore learn, hone or enhance your sketching and drawing skills.

15. Watercolor Brush Set


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Relish the look of watercolors but don’t like their messiness? Get the same painterly effect without any mess with this watercolor brush pen set.

Beginner-friendly, versatile, and portable watercolor brush pens are the best alternative. These watercolors brush pens use water-soluble ink, which simply means you will have to enjoy a lot while creating different effects just by experimenting with different amounts of water.

You can even mix different colors to create a unique color.

16. Paint Brush Cleaner Rinse Cup

Keeping your painting brushes clean and within a reach can be a challenging task, especially when you are completely indulging in your work with an upright canvas.

This ultimate brush cleaner is truly a companion in your art studio. It comes with a flexible silicone lid with tiny brush resting areas to hold brushes while they are rinsing.

Apart from this, it is designed is compatible with kid’s classrooms, home use, water-based paints, and watercolor.

17. Sketching & Drawing Art Tool Kit

Art is all about seniority, so if you are senior and passionate about your artwork, no matter what your age is, you should also be starting to get serious about the materials that you use.

You need a professional tool to draw something with elegance and in a more professional way. These professional sketching and drawing tools will become your best friend in your creative journey of art.

It includes graphite pencils, paper erasable pens, charcoal pencils, craft knives, and more.

18. Elegant Large Winter Warm Scarves Shawl

This is a Gift for women artists. A true art lover adores everything related to art whether it is a collection of art paint brushes, a collection of vibrant art colors, or even art printed shawls.

If you are also the one or have a very close friend (he/she) who has a great influence on art, you can consider this elegant large winter warm scarves shawl.

It is made up of the best quality material cashmere-like viscose and a very soft and con=mfortable with the fine touch.

19. Bob Ross Bobblehead: With Sound

Who wouldn’t like a tiny Bob Ross? The compact version of the inexpensive, small would make a perfect gift for anyone.

The happy paintings, quirky catchphrases, and memorable hairstyles are still popular as maintaining a core base of fans.

Its popularity makes it one of the best gifts which can be given to your artist friend or family member.

20. Permanent Alcohol Based Markers

One thing annoying thing that hates by most of the artists while doing coloring is when ink settles on the surface of the paper and takes time to dry up.

This is where the permanent alcohol-based markers comes into the existence. These alcohol-based markers are different from water-based markers and dry up quickly.

One of the amazing things about these markers is that they are versatile and can be used in many ways. Its non-slip rectangular pen, unique shape makes it one of the top choice between artists.

21. Artist Paint Brush Set

Artists often need to paint something with so many details, so it is good to give them something that they actually need and can cherish throughout their life.

A good set of artist-paint brush sets is the ideal choice you can make to showcase your love and concern.

This paintbrush set comes with 15 paintbrushes which include flat, liner, filbert, angular, fan, and comb.

22. Oil Paint Set for Beginners Artists

Oil Paint Set has a bigger pigment count than most of the other mediums because they produce luminous and rich colors that produce amazingly vibrant paintings.

And this is the only that makes these paints different from others and is liked by most of the artists.

This remarkable pack of oil painting sets contains 28 colors, canvas panels, oil paints, paintbrushes, and a color palette.

23. Acrylic Paint Set with Storage Box

Acrylic paint is one of the multifaceted mediums, and one of the least toxic. Apart from this there a numerous reasons artists love to use acrylic.

This can be because of their versatility, ease to use, and more cost-effectiveness.

This acrylic paint set of 60 colors and tubes comes with a storage box, nontoxic metallic paints for artists, nonfading, and rich pigments.

24. Brush Charm Pendant Necklace

This is It has been said that it is hard to impress an artist with an ordinary gift especially when it is about giving a gift to a women artist.

But this artist paint pendant necklace is the best answer to all your question. This angelic silver-plated multicolor pendant necklace is the best admirable gift for women, girls, and teens.

This art necklace is the perfect art-themed-inspired gift for the one you admire the most.

25. Portable Drawing Tablet

There was a time when one can only show creativity on paper. But now it’s a digital world, you can show your skill on a portable drawing tablet.

Help your loved one to work like a pro and gift them your sense of concern and gift them this impressive graphic drawing display.

It comes with a large 21.5-inch display, has superb color accuracy of 86%, and provides more realistic and vibrant video and images.

26. Handmade Canvas Pencil Wrap

We cannot imagine an artist or painter without colors. It is the foremost thing they should have.

If they are tenderfoot, you can give them the gift of these colored pencils with pure handmade woven Canvas Pencil Wrap. These pencils come in 72 different colors that are perfect for coloring books and drawing pads.

27. Wooden Easel For Artist with Storage Tray and Wheels

Whenever we imagine an artist, we always see him/her immersed in colors, holding a brush, and standing in front of the easel.

Like other important materials of art, an easel is an undeniably essential part of an artist’s gear. It provides the ease and support which they need to complete a picture.

Therefore you can give them this Wooden Easel which comes with an artist storage tray and wheels.

28. Watercolor Paint Set

If you are finding a gift for one who just entered the world of art then this is the first thing they need the most.

It is a handy palate of painting colors and offers you high-quality Arabic gum which will increase the transparency and gloss of watercolors.

There is no grainy or chalky feel after colors get dry because they come with a high pigment quality and mix well.

29. Alcohol Ink Set

Alcohol ink colors are another top choice of artists and are used best for creating backgrounds because alcohol evaporates quickly, which simply means that the paints will dry within a few minutes. Unlike acrylic paints, alcohol ink can be easily revived.

The one who loves mixing colors, alcohol ink can be the best gift for them. Because when dried ink comes into the contact with fresh ink it reacts in a different form.

30. Canvas Board with Multi-Pack

It is not possible to make a perfect piece of art in one go. If you are a professional artist or just a beginner one needs to give it a try more than one time.

And these multipack canvas boards are good to give as a gift to your loved one. Give them this multipack gift and while encouraging their talent to create a masterpiece.

31. Artist Backpack

This is a perfect gift for your artist friend. An artist always seeks something where they can pack their stuff and can easily move anywhere.

So it is best to gift them (He/she) this Artist Backpack bag which is made of durable canvas and provides an ease to pack your paintbrushes, drawing pad, pencils, pens, canvas panels, sketching papers, and other art supplies.

32. Flower Stencils For Artist


33. Best Oil Pastel Set For Your Artist Friend


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Frequently Asked Questions Related To Artist Gifts

What’s a good gift for an artist?

The best gift you can give to an artist is encouragement. Yes, you heard it right. Because art is all about deep thoughts which an artist tries to give a shape to his/her canvas to show the world.

But you can show them their love and concern that give a push to their art career whether the person is beginner or professional.

You can give them gifts like, a set of best quality brushes, a set of best quality colors, or something that encourages them to pursue their career.

What should I gift my artist friend?

There are lots of options out there that can surely inspire your favorite creative person. But how you will choose the best? Well, for this firstly you will need to make sure about what type of creative person your friend is.

If he/she loves to go digitally then gifting a 3D printing pen can be a suitable option. But if he/she is a kind of traditional then giving a cool collection of paintbrushes or sent of good quality colors can also be considered.

What does every artist need?

Art is about putting your internal feelings and thoughts on paper. It has been said that artists always speak through their work.

Their work shows us their personality. So they always give priority to using top-notch material to represent their work.

Here best quality products we mean best canvas, colors, or brushes, etc.

What to gift someone who likes art?

A true art lover always surrounded by creative art. They always glorify every small thing which is related to no matter it is a painting, jewelry, or variety of colors.

They cherish every single item related to art. But one thing you need to find out that what type of art lover he/she is.

Which gift is best for the artist?

It is hard to say which gift is the best for the artists because a true artist loves everything related to art.

You can give them drawing materials, a variety of art sets, easels, a variety of fine quality brushes, etc. Find out their area of interest and gift them with your whole love.


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