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25+ Best Watercolor Paint Set For Beginner & Professional Artists

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Best watercolor paint

Start doing painting as a beginner, use watercolor paint is the simplest way to begin and become a professional artist. You need to work out with a different range of colors.

In the beginning, rather than get confused with a wide variety of colors you can use watercolor paint consist of basic colors to make up your artwork.

Watercolor painting is actually a fun, art, and creative painting that is followed by beginners to seasoned artists.

It is a cost-effective art that gives many possibilities for creative self-expression. The fun of watercolor painting is actually a creative way to keep the kids busy and take their talent out on a canvas.

Not only beautiful scenery, landscapes, portraits, and forests are the results of executive watercolor painting, also painting of creative thoughts are created by watercolor paint.

The colors of watercolor paint are easy to blend, give transparency, permanence, and artistic effects.

Watercolor paint is a non-toxic and fully water-based color that is safe for teens, kids, as well as for adults.

While doing watercolor painting, you get a chance to learn about various watercolor techniques that you can adopt as your own and generate a skill that actually advantages you. Rather than begin with complicated painting, watercolor painting is a good start for beginners.

Artists create their groundwork for big projects generally by using watercolors as their blueprint.

Watercolor paintings work with water-soluble pigments and it works especially on paper. When water evaporates and the binder fixes the pigment to the support.

Watercolor Techniques To Learn As A Beginner

Blooming watercolor technique:- It is another way to get good results in your painting. You can water the color and apply it to the paper.

When the stroke is still wet add another color with that much amount. It gives you gradient style when it dries up.

Splatter watercolor technique:- It is a kind of handy trick which helps you to give floating dust and water spray.

Hold your paintbrush between your thumb and the middle fingers(using the index finger) gives you impressive results.

The other techniques are wet and dry, and this can be happening by adding water to the color as to how much you want to manipulate the darkness and saturation of the pigment.

If you are seeking the Best Watercolor Paints probably you would found all these paints here.

To make it easier for you to select the Best Watercolor Paint Brand, we have reviewed the different watercolor paints not only for professionals even so for newbies.

Watercolor paint with excellent brushes to students, kids, while others worked perfectly for professionals are entitled in this blog.

Several artists get fulfilled their master artwork using the listed watercolor paint, so why not take advantage to take your artwork forward?

Best Watercolor Paints Set For Professionals As Well As For Beginners

1. Meiling Watercolor Paint Set With 36 Colors For Beginners Artist 

Are you willing to get the best deal on a wide range of watercolor paint products? Light wish brand name watercolor paint is best to use by beginners, students, kids, and artists.

You would definitely like the product comes in a 36 vivid color package with one watercolor brush which can be used to create enticing and artful effects. Professionals have created their art using this well-designed watercolor paint.


  • Excellent quality Arabic Gum.
  • Highly pigmented – no chalky feel after dry.
  • ASTMD4236 certified so, perfect for kids, students, or anyone.
  • Best deal at a genuine price.


  • Not suitable for kids under 3 years.

2. AEM Hi Arts Watercolor Paint Artist Set

 If you are creative, curious, and want to enjoy painting, then 24 rich and vibrant Best watercolor paint tube set is perfect for you.

Get your one-stop shop having 20 sheets of watercolor paper with premium quality brushes of various sizes hold by the convenient palette. Begin your artwork by make use of incredible tube paints set that heal, build, restore confidence to find happiness.


  • Non-toxic and sensitive skin proven tested.
  • No Chemical smell
  • Recycles cardboard box easily during traveling.


  • If stores in artist tin the paint in tubes gets harden and needs to re-moist while using it.

3. Best Watercolor Paint Set With 24 Vibrant Colors For Student Artist 

A perfect brand of watercolor paint supplies assists you with 24 rich and vibrant colors. The non-toxic paints are ready to blend and give excellent results in the art world.


  • Easy to carry anywhere you want like the beach, park, home, art class, or in-studio.
  • Pigmented, rich, clear, vibrant, and crisp 24 essential colors
  • Comes in a sleep packaging of a solid metal box.
  • ASTM tested colors, non-toxic, and high quality.


  • These colors take a longer time to dry as compared to others.

 4. Emooqi Premium Watercolor Paint Box Set With 36 colors

 Making up your gallery or masterpiece using watercolor paint set consist of 36 unique colors. By taking advantage of vibrant and rich colors, you can complete the artwork with your imagination and creativity.

Many artists get their artwork done by making use of premium quality watercolor paint of brand Emooqi.


  • Non-toxic solid pigment, suitable for kids above the age of 3 years.
  • Gift box packaging recommended for gift ideas.
  • Packaging has two water brush and one pen along with 10 watercolor papers.
  • Create endless color range by blending


  • Not suitable for kids under 3 years.

5. 54 Watercolor Paint Set For New Artist – By Classe Art

Whether you are new to watercolor painting or a seasoned artist 54 watercolor paint set by Classe Art is perfect to take your artwork to another level. You not only get watercolor paint but also 15 sheets of watercolor paper, 3 watercolor brushes, 6 extra watercolors, and a color chart carefully designed by the company.


  • A great bonding agent(Arabic gum – high quality) and non-toxic vibrant colors
  • 3 different sizes of watercolor brushes
  • All colors are eco-friendly and sensitive skin approved
  • For color mixing 10 different areas can be accessible


  • This professional artist watercolor paint set is not suitable for kids(below 3 years).

6. PHOENIX Watercolor Paint Set In 2021 For Artist 

PHOENIX has been established in the year 1995 and highly regarded name in the painting world. The quality of the PHOENIX watercolor paint set is designed for beginners as well as for professionals. Due to its characteristics of unique light, color, shade, translucent look these 24  tubes of 12 ml becomes the first preference by the artists.


  • A wide range of high-quality colors – 24 tubes x 12 ml
  • Have features of delicate transparency after dry and extremely soluble paint
  • Safe for adults and kids, ASTM-4236 and EN 71 certified.


  • When the paint gets dries in the pan it cracks into chunks.

7. GOTIDEAL Watercolor Paint Kit 

GOTIDEAL Watercolor Paint Set gets first preference by the artists to make people amazed by their artwork. The set is ideal for little kids, and also for artists as well as for visual journal keepers who are new to watercolors and just beginning to experiment with the technique.


  • Portable storage case without any mess, leaks, or hassle
  • Quick dry and considerable by kids, teens, and talented adults
  • Easy to create fine strokes by bringing into play flexible nylon paintbrush tips


  • Not considering for easy in carrying to park, studio, and beautiful spots and also while traveling.

8. Classic Watercolor Paint Set For Artist 

If you love to do painting then This Classic and Best Watercolor Paints Set works well for your art. The 48 color cakes give you enriching color quality while working on canvas, paper, or prints.

You can begin painting landscapes, forests, portraits, nature, and many more using the water brush that has water already inside it.


  • Refill water brush suitable to use
  • ASTM D-4236 standard tested, safe for sensitive skin
  • Convenient to carry while traveling
  • Packed in a plastic container easy to see colors, and ideal to gift


  • According to few people expectations the matte finish is not suitable

9. Funto Watercolor Paint Set With 48 Colors (Upgraded Quality)

 There are watercolor sets that you can’t go wrong with, even if you try as an artist. The funto Watercolor Paint Set is of upgraded quality that creates ultimate painting designs. You get pans and not tubes in the set, that work well rather than tubes that have the risk of spilling. The transparency of the paint itself is astonishingly good for starter paints.


  • Gift box packaging
  • Quick-dry and durable consistency, high pigment load
  • Easy to dilute and blend
  • ASTM D-4236 standard, so safe for all ages
  • 12 brushes of different sizes and shapes


  • Paint pens are very small in actuality.

10. Shuttle Art 36 Colors Watercolor Paint Set 

The company Shuttle Art manufactured watercolor paints for executive artists and also for those who have a spark inside to do creativity. With the use of 36 colors, you can achieve prominent effects by blending them on paper, canvas, or prints. Students who are at the beginner level would have a great experience, by the use of Shuttle Art Watercolor Paint in learning and developing their art skills to a professional level.


  • Highly rich in pigment, absolute for dry and wet painting
  • Easily dissolve in water and gets perfect layering without mixing up the previous layer.
  • ASTM D-4236 and EN71-3 certified, acid-free safe for health.
  • Good transparency and diffusivity
  • High saturation


  • Paint becomes dry but very often

11. ARTIBOX Watercolor Paint Set For Professionals Artist

Get ready to create your masterpiece with endless effects of vibrant 48 colors. Easy to paint by the use of brush pen, also detaching watercolor set whatsoever essential color for your painting. Highly pigmented color comes in block form, which makes it easy to access while painting. Complete the artwork along with creative imagination, paint adjacent the canvas by manipulating rich and bright colors.


  • The endless range of colors present in a sturdy box
  • 12 sheets of watercolor paper together with the watercolor brush
  • Easy to hold palette with a portable pull ring in the course of painting


  • Being get detached from the painting cubes, need more space to place them, spell your painting.

12. ARTISTO Watercolor Paint Set – 48 Vivid For Artists

Whether you are endeavoring painting as a passion or a hobby, the vivid colors proceed as the ideal for Amateur Hobbyists, painting lovers, and professionals. As a beginner, learn new skills of art by experiencing the amazing quality metallic and neon colors good for their value.


  • Great solubility
  • New style colors like metallic and neon
  • Can be carried to the park, porch, seaside, backyard, and others too.
  • Perfectly befitting for kids above 3 years
  • A beautiful sturdy box absolute for gifts having 4 metallic colors, 10 sheets of 300g watercolor paper, sponge.


  • Not so small, to carry in a compatible bag.

13. Watercolor Paint Set 36 Solid Premium Colors

Painting is an art that comes from your heart with true imagination. Now it’s time to bring your creativity along with artistic effects on the canvas by manipulating highly-graded pigment colors. Enjoy your portraits, landscapes, still life by handling the brush and ready to paint.


  • Easily soluble and glossy effect
  • No chalky or grainy touch after dry
  • Perfect for gift sets to kids, adults, artists, and painting lovers.
  • ASTM D-4236 and non-toxic approved, so absolute for kids, adults, and professionals


  • A sturdy box has less space for mixing as well as blending up the colors.
  • Not recommended for kids under 3 years

14. Artify Watercolor Field Sketch Set – 24 Assorted colors

Are you equipped to begin your artwork with more colors and tools? Grab the Artfy watercolor set to turn out your imagination in a picture form that speaks a lot of words in itself. Starting up painting as a beginner effortless with a sleek and lightweight pocket kit without any hassle to carry. Every time you can refill the colors in a detachable pan.


  • Ideal for striking pigments, bright and vivid color easy to blend
  • Have nature to get dry quickly
  • Highly durable brushes, 1 flat tip or 2 round tip brushes


  • Palette can be removed, needs space to place, and hard to discover once lost

15. Castle Art Supplies Acrylic Paint Set – 12 ml Tubes

When the color is of high quality, then it is fun to design paintings on different subjects. Learning new skills or moving up to artists level, 24 colors of 12 ml tubes satisfied you with its rich quality.


  • A quick-dry nature makes it preferable for the seasoned artists
  • Highly delighted, velvety texture, vibrant, and eye-catching results
  • Every time attain fresh color from the tube
  • Easy to get layers on layers because of its quick-drying personality


  • While getting busy in your art world, probably the color tubes get lost in your workspace.

16. 80 Tubes ZenaColor Watercolor Paint Set

17. ARTSY  Professional Watercolor Paint Set of 42 with 3 Brushes | Foldable Watercolor Field Sketch Set 

18. 12 ml × 32 Watercolor Paint Tubes With  Palette Tray & Paint Brush.

19. Seamiart Professional Watercolor Paint Set of 50 Colors With Water Brush in Gift Box for Beginners Artists

20. Arteza Watercolor Paint Kit With Storage Box & Set of 60 Colors/Tubes 

21. 40 Colors Best Watercolor Paint Set For Beginners & Professional Artist 2021 

22. 48 Premium Watercolor Color Paint Set With Portable Solid Half Pans Kit And 3 Brush Pen + 10 Water Color Papers + 1 Sponge

23. 12 ml Watercolor Paint Tubes Kit For Beginners Artists  

24. Arteza Is The Best Watercolor Paint Brand For Professional Artist + Paper Bundle

25. Best Watercolor Paint Kit For Beginners Artist | 36 Colors + 10+1 piece Watercolor Brushes + 8 piece Watercolor Paper + Zipper Pouch.

Frequently Asked Questions Related to Watercolor Paint

What is watercolor paint?

Watercolor paint is a kind of translucent art medium. Watercolor paint consists of few simple ingredients but two major components are pigment – which gives the color and the binder – commonly gum-arabic. The paint applied with water to a support such as paper. Once the water evaporates and the binder fixes the pigment to the support. Points to remember for watercolor paints:-

These paints are less messy than oils or acrylics because of water-based medium

  • Do not have a strong smell
  • Have nature of drying very fast
  • Easy to mix it up on palette and apply it.
  • Easy to clean the paintbrushes with soap and water

How to use watercolor paint tubes?

Using watercolor paint tubes can be tricky when you use them without any guidance. So consider these points before using watercolor paint tubes:-

Every time you can use new paint directly from the tube by simply squeezing it out onto a plate or a palette, and blend it using water.

You can squeeze out a little amount of paint into a mixing palette and let it dry completely during painting sessions.

You can also make your own watercolor pans and create a customized watercolor palette.

Keep small water containers for each color to make your brush wet when you begin mixing your concentrated paints with water.

What is the best watercolor paint?

Beautiful artwork, excellent creativity, and talented imagination can be carried through high-quality watercolor paint. Best watercolor paint based on permanence, intensity, and superior transparency.

Watercolor consists of two main ingredients such as:-

  • Finely ground pigment – provides color
  • Gum arabic – act as a binder

The mentioned points will guide you to select high-quality paint for your artwork.

  • The Lightfastness ratings
  • The paint’s transparency rating
  • The number of pigments used
  • The Granularity of the paint

Regardless of these points to be considered, quality matters the most. The artists’ quality is of a higher concentration of finely ground pigment with high permanence ratings. At the same time, the students’ quality contains cheaper pigments and more fillers and extenders.

Do you use Water with Watercolor Paint?

Yes, the name specifies the question in a simple manner. In painting, if you want to give artistic effects the probably you need water to blend the colors. A famous Mexico City-based artist Ana Victoria Calderon make out lots of paintings using watercolor paints with water. There are lots of techniques you can try using water with watercolor paint:-

  • Wet-on-Wet
  • Building up color
  • Creating gradients
  • Getting precise
  • Wet-on-Dry

Where to buy watercolor paint?

These days not only markets are flooded with premium quality watercolor paint but also online e-commerce websites are enriched with the top brands of watercolor paint which are the first preference of professional artists. You can read out the reviews, check the quality, quantity, prices, brand name, and can compare with other products by sitting on your couch at home instead of wasting time to go out and find high-quality products. Take a look at the listed watercolor paint sets:-

  • Emooqi Premium Watercolor Paint Box – 36 colors
  • Shuttle Art 36 Colors Watercolor Paint
  • PHOENIX Watercolor Paint Set
  • 54 Watercolor Paint Set – by Classe Art

How to make liquid watercolor paint?

Making your own liquid watercolor paint makes sense rather than purchasing expensive watercolor paint when you need a lot in your painting. A little effort keeps you energetic to paint your imagination without any obstacles. To make watercolor paint you need only two ingredients:-

  • Liquid Food Coloring or Gel Food Coloring – Gel is more preferred
  • Water Color Paper(A4) or Water Color Postcards

You can collect the amount of water as per your need or how much quantity you want. Then add a drop or two of food coloring to each container. Make sure to add a drop at a time and wear aprons as food coloring may stain clothing.

Can you paint watercolor on canvas?

Yes, you can but you need some prep first as watercolors would just slide off the Canvas because the surface is not absorbent enough. To overcome this issue, you need to coat the canvas with a product known as Golden Absorbent Ground. Gesso your canvas is the first step to do.

Apply two coats of Gesso that allow the Golden Absorbent Ground to adhere properly on the canvas. When the gesso gets dried, apply the thin layer 5-6 coats of Golden Absorbent Ground using a brush or roller.

Let it dry for at least 24 hours after that it gives paper-like quality to paint. Once your painting is finished, seal it with a spray varnish to make the paint waterproof.

How to use watercolor brush pens?

Watercolor brush pens have the versatility of traditional watercolor packed into one. These brush pens allow you to use the techniques which you are dreaming such as color washes, gradients, blending, or soft Ombres, these can’t be done using typical alcohol-based markers or gel pens.

First and foremost, rub the desired brush pen marker color on the palette and figure out the tone using a water brush pen that needs in your set. You can use this brush pen for blending and creating watercolor effects.

If you want to create desired shades then mix several colors by applying them to your palette.

Best paint brushes for watercolor

The classic characteristic of Watercolor Paintbrushes is a synthetic filament, long, absorbent natural hairs, or a blend of two.

Watercolor brushes are recognized because of their superb details which are paint-holding and water-holding abilities, additionally their resiliency and spring(an ability to return to their original shape).

You can get an idea about the Best Brushes, which you can actually purchase in order to present your true artist on the canvas. These are:-

  • Da Vinci Russian Red Sable Brush Set
  • Raphael Kolinsky Sable Fine Point Round
  • Winsor & Newton Series 7 Kolinsky Sable Watercolor Brush
  • Princeton Good Mop Brushes
  • Isabey Kolinsky Sable Round Brush

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