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15+ Best Watercolor Paint Brushes For Artists | Water Color Brush Pen

best watercolor paint brushes pen

Having the best quality watercolor paintbrushes is an important tool for artists. But finding the right one can be hard and might be expensive.

By finding the watercolor brushes, you need to do the task of exploring so that you can complete the artistic project while saving some money on art tools. A fine quality frush should do at least one main thing i.e, hold the water well.

Brushes made of synthetic hair have the ability to do a fine job, but brushes with natural hair have better holding capacity.

This is because of fibrous anatomies that help at picking up and retaining water for more time.

In other words, you can say that watercolor brushes that have high water-holding and paint-holding abilities are considered the best paint brushes for artists.

Here we have listed some of the best picks to help you to find the Best Watercolor Paint Brushes that can fulfill your painting needs.

Best Watercolor Paint Brushes For Professionals As Well As For Beginners

1. Set Of 54 Watercolor Brush Pens With 15 Page Pad

Watercolor brush pens have the versatility of old watercolor packed into easy-to-carry pen form.

This brush pen enables you to use techniques that you never get to play with the typical gel pens or old alcohol-based markers.

This set of 54 watercolor pens comes with the 15-page pad and online video tutorial series by Chromatic.

2. Water Coloring Brush Pens

The best part of joy being an artist is playing around with colors and brushes of different styles.

You can work magic with pencil and paper one day, bring life to your favorite character with colors another day, and can spend time creating something beautiful with crayons.

This coloring brush pen is also one of the best options you can choose. These pens have high-quality nylon hairbrush time that stays intact and does not spread, spray or smear while using.

3. Water Color Brush Pen Set

If you are finding a new tool to play around with, something classy that all artists over the world adore then you’ll fall for this one of the best watercolor paintbrushes.

These are 12 pieces brushes set that comes along with 6 flat brushes that come in 3 sizes (small, medium, and large) for kids, artists, amateur, and students.

These brushes are easy to control as you simply squeeze the barrel to easily control the water or ink flow.

4. Water Brush Pens Set with Assorted Tips

Water brush pens are in trend these days and most artists are using these brush pens in their art because these are our most affordable and easily accessible available and best to use for beginners as well as professionals.

Having this brush pen set is one of the smartest choices you make as an artist because it has flexible nylon paintbrush tips with a large water reservoir so you can paint flawlessly.

5. Professional Watercolor Paint Brushes Set

The artist’s paintbrush is like a magic wand for artists for weaving colors across the canvas. The more you use these brushes the more they’ll become your beloved tool.

So it is kind of great to have a collection of some best watercolor paintbrushes. But what really matters is to check their quality.

You can check this professional set of paintbrushes that comes in different sizes and shapes. These are synthetic squirrel hair brush set without any animal products.

6. Artist Watercolor Paint Brushes With Long Wood Handle

Paintbrushes are something that turns your imagination into reality. These are brushes that fill colors in your dream images and turn them into reality.

This is why artists always give focus on having the finest quality brushes so they can create something realistic.

This set of 13 watercolor paint brushes comes in various sizes and shapes. You can use their different size to make your painting unique and colorful.

Each bush is carefully designed with a hard wooden handle to provide you great gripping experience.

11. 10 PCS Watercolor Paint Brushes

Being an artist you can never dream of painting without paintbrushes. Having a good collection of brushes is also a sign of a professional artist.

Explore this set of brushes that comes in 10 different sizes with round pointed tips. These are high-quality brushes with nylon bristles high-quality aluminum crimped ferrules and genuine birch wooden handles.

12. Watercolor Paint Brushes Premium Nylon Hair Paint Brushes for Oil Painting

When it comes to brushes, some painters choose to paint with natural bristles while other painters choose synthetics. It is completely based on the preferences of the artist.

But it has been said that nylon hair paint brushes are good for oil painting.

If you are finding the same, consider this set of nylon paint brushes for oil painting which are suitable for kids, beginners, and even professionals.

13. Blue Squid Watercolor Brushes Paint Brush Set

Buying watercolor brushes has become a headache sometimes because of the incredible variety of choices. With so many choices it is tough to pick one.

But not anymore, you can choose this set of paintbrushes by blue squid. These artist brushes provide you with a delightful and comfortable grip which makes these brushes perfect for all ages including kids, children, and adults.

The pro nylon bristle of these brushes makes them an ideal choice for Acrylic paint.

14. Miniature Brushes for Fine Detailing & Art Painting

There are different shapes of paint brushes available in the market like filbert brushes, round brushes, flat brushes, fan brushes, bright brushes, miniature brushes, etc. Each of these brushes has its own use.

Just like this set of miniature brushes. These brushes are perfect for face painting, nail art, figurines, painting miniature, rock painting, army paint, action figures, and more.

The handle is made of wood and perfectly designed to triangular shape for easy grip.

15. Watercolor Squirrel Hair Paint Brushes

If you are finding paintbrushes with top-notch quality, then these squirrel hair paintbrushes are something you should consider.

These brushes are made of natural hair that comes from the squirrel’s tail. It has been said that brushes made with squirrel hair are the best in quality and provide an amazing volume of water which makes paintbrushes ideal to use.

16. Round Pointed Tip Pony Hair Artists Filbert Paintbrushes

No artist will compromise with the quality paintbrushes. They always need the best tool for their artwork. If you are seeking the same then these round-pointed tip hair artists’ brushes are for you.

These brushes are made with top-quality nylon wool, nickel-plated copper tube, and wood body. This is brush sets offer you strong and flexible bristles which are durable and easily washable.

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Frequently Asked Questions Related To Watercolor Paint Brushes

How to clean watercolor paintbrushes?

Watercolor brushes are something that doesn’t need high maintenance. They will be perfectly fine with just a little bit of care and last a long time.

Bristles like Sables and other high-quality natural bristles can be used even for a lifetime with proper care and maintenance.

However, a little bit of negligence can ruin your brush faster than you expected. So there are a few things that you need to take care of to extend the life of your paintbrushes.

  1. You need to rinse the bristles of your paintbrush with water in a container
  2. Remove the extra water from the bristles of the brush
  3. Dry them with the help of a tissue or dry cloth.

Do you need special paintbrushes for watercolor?

Many artists use paintbrushes for watercolors. But it has been suggested of using one set of brushes for acrylics and separate for watercolors.

It is because Acrylics and Watercolors have a different chemical composition that works differently with the brushes.

Additionally, Acrylic Brushes and Watercolor Brushes are different in construction. Watercolor brushes are specially designed to work well with the delicacy and fluidity of watercolor paints while acrylic brushes are designed to cater drying time and viscosity of acrylics.

What are the best brushes for watercolor painting?

Brushes for watercolor painting come in different sizes, shapes, and varieties. And the selection of water painting brushes colors completely depends on the preferences of the artists.

Your choice also depends on the watercolor techniques you like to use, how much you want to spend on brushes, and what type of quality you are looking for.

But to know about the best painting brush there is a ceratin option like Squirrel, Ox & Goat bristles brushes, Sable hair paintbrushes, Camel hair brushes, Hog bristle brushes, etc. Choose the one as per your need and budget.

Which are the best paintbrushes?

Paintbrushes are the thing that no professional artists will compromise. This is why they explore ore to get the best paintbrushes. Usually, paintbrushes come in three types, synthetic, natural, and mixed.

Natural brushes contain animal bristles like sable and hog. These brushes have the great ability to hold acrylic paint that needs proper maintenance and is a bit costly.

If we talk about synthetic brushes, the bristles are made with polyester or nylon and can be used for acrylic paints. These brushes are easy to maintain and can get an affordable price.

Whereas mixed brushes have a combination of both synthetic and natural and have either soft or stiff bristles. You can choose these brushes according to your convenience.

What paintbrushes to buy for beginners?

There are no specific guidelines for beginners. Because they are on their learning stage it is not possible to say what paintbrush makes provides them comfort and which one they can handle easily.

The bottom line is they can use all kinds of brushes whether they are natural, synthetic, or mixed. The only thing they need to do is to carry and handle them perfectly so they can create a masterpiece and start their career in the art field.


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