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15+ Best Colored Pencils For Artists | Professional Colored Pencils

15+ Best Colored Pencils For Artists

Are you looking for the best Colored Pencils? Then this article is for you.

Colored pencils are the best dynamic medium that is cherished by hobbyists and artists. These pencils are easy to use and very cleaner and there is no set-up compared to most of the other art mediums.

But with an enormous variety of these pencils, it is very hard to find the Best Colored Pencils that you should consider.

It is because every artist adores these pencils. Whether it’s a beginner or professional artist, everyone uses these pencils in their drawings because they provide a wide range of possibilities-especially in their color tone.

While various artists include a bevy of spectacular colors, you can layer them to make even more dimension in your work.

As I have said earlier, finding the best pencil set can be a challenging task. But it is also a fact that it completely depends on your personal preference. But to help you, we have identified some of the best pencils options for you to try.

List of Best Quality Colored Pencils For Artists

1. 80 Colors Professional Colored Pencils For Artist

Only a true artist will know the worth of colors. This is why he/she adores colors in every way rather it oil paint colors, Watercolors, or just colored pencils.

These days colored pencils are in trend and artists are finding some of the best options to get.

So here is one of the best options to go for. This 80 colors professional pencils offer you eighty vibrant colors at your disposal.

2. 160 Professional Colored Pencils

Who doesn’t like variety and quality? We all do. Right? Here are the new and upgraded quality colored pencils with 160 different color options.

This upgraded quality of pencils offers you the exact professional quality that you are seeking.

These pencils come with high-quality and soft break-resistant cores which are made with lightfast pigment that won’t easily fade with time.

3. 72 Professional Sets Soft Oil-Based Cores Vibrant Artist Pencils

Colored pencils are rapidly spreading their roots in the art world. These pencils are versatile and come in a vivid variety of vibrant colors.

You will also find variety in these pencils just like this professional set of soft oil-based cores artist pencils.

This set of pencils glide fluently on paper, layer effortlessly, and blend beautifully. You might get amazed by its deep rich coverage.

4. Best Quality Colored Pencils With Page Drawing Pad

Artists are very very choosy for tools and want the best for their creativity. And when it comes to choosing the colored pencil they always go with lightfast or light-resistant pencils for their work.

Having these best art colored pencils is kind of the collection that you are looking for.

This pencil set comes with a page drawing pad for coloring your books that amazingly complete this collection.

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5. 138 Colors Professional Colored Pencils for Artist

Gone is the time when people say colored pencils are just for kids. the fact is they are robust tools for people of all ages.

So having the collection is one of the best things you can add to creative work. This complete collection of pencils is something that you must have.

It contains vibrant colored pencils along with sharpeners, pencils extenders, and a sketch pad.

6. 160 Colored Pencils Set For Beginners Artist

The image of art has a special place in your heart with perfectly filled colors. The outlook of drawing/sketch completely changes when you fill colors in it.

This set of 160 different colored pencils comes in a small compatible box that is easy to carry everywhere. These are non-toxic, versatile pencils that offer optimum quality and are suitable for adults and kids too.

7. Colored Pencils Set for Adults Artists Beginners

Beginners artists need something that helps them to do more and more practice without spending much fortune. As they are on their learning stage it is good to have tools that won’t harm their pocket.

This professional colored pencils set is the best answer for them. This vibrant color pencil set is the choice of thousands of aspiring colorists and artists who dream of creating beautiful artwork with this popular medium.

8. Best Professional Colored Pencils (Set of 174)

Artists always want more options that expand their creativity and encourage them to create something out of the box.

Using colored pencils in their art is one of those options. Because it is easy to handle these pencils and gets easily blended, layer, and shaded.

Having these pencils set in your collection is can be a smart choice. Each pencil is labeled with color and number name for easy identification. And comes along with one coloring book, sketch pad, sharpener, and pencil extended.

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9. Set of 120 Watercolor Pencil Set

Watercolor pencils are very competitive and portable giving them an advantage over old watercolors. These colors are mostly used by beginner artists to start their art careers.

One of the best things about these pencils is that they can be sharpened to a fine point. These colored pencils offer you 120 watercolor pens that have a creamy effect means you don’t have to bear any pressure when coloring can get a good color effect.

10. Zip-Up colored pencil Set perfect for Adults Artists

It is good to have your colors in an organized way in some kind of box or handy zip pouch so one can easily carry them anywhere.

This premium colored pencil comes in a portable zip pouch that makes it the pencil of choice for thousands of colorists and artists.

There are a name and color mentioned on each pencil for instant recognization that provides you ease at the time of the drawing.

11. Colored Pencils Oil Based Coloring Set

Just like other colors, colored pencils also come in different forms and oil-based color pencils are one of them.

These pencils use oil to bind the pigment and distribute it on the surface. This means they have little different consistency and don’t suffer from wax bloom.

This oil-based pencil set provides a rich and diverse palette. Its smooth color is suitable for layering and creating multiple painting experiences.

12. Professional Set of 72 Colors With Wax-based Cores

Fly with your imagination with the beautiful vibrant colors and create something that gains everyone’s attention.

It doesn’t matter you are using watercolors, colored pencils, or Oil Paint, if you are creating something that attracts everyone means you are great as an artist.

To start you can go with these soft wax-based pencil colors that are best for beginners as well as professionals.

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13. Premium Art Color Pencils Set of 48 pcs

The main thing that attracts the artists about colored pencils is they are portable and extremely lightweight.

They don’t need an intensive setup. Just take them anywhere you visit, open the drawing pad or sketchbook, and start.

These premium art colors pencils come in a canvas roll-up case along with an alloy metal sharpener which is very easy to carry anywhere.

14. Set of 72 Best Quality Colored Pencils

While purchasing colored pencils the first thing that hits every person’s mind is how durable they are, what if the pencils will break at the time of coloring etc.

This 72 color pencil set is one of the best quality colored pencils you can consider for drawing.

These pencils offer you soft leads, easy to share, and won’t get cracked or crumble. Their rich colors provide you with smooth coloring, flawlessly blend and shade which is perfect for drawing.

15. 72 Colored Pencils for Adult Coloring Book

The artists usually travel a lot in the search of beautiful nature so that they can draw it on their canvas or drawing pad. This why always seeks something that they can easily carry and where they can organize their stuff.

This amazing set of pencils comes in beautiful handmade canvas pencil wrap where you can protect your pencils and can take them anywhere.

16. 72 Watercolor Pencils For Professionals with a Brush and Metal Box 

Frequently Asked Questions Related Colored Pencils

How to organize Prismacolor colored pencils?

Organizing Prismacolor pencils is the thing that every artist wants to know. To organize these you can consider a colored pencil holder initially for the simplest way to secure your pencils. And another way you can consider is to simple together pencils according to their color family.

Make separate spaces for every color. In those spaces, you need to plunk a family of each color. Keep your all red in one cubby, all your oranges in another, and all other colors according to their color family.

Later whenever you start drawing/sketching just grab and go whenever you need color.

What are colored pencils made of?

It may surprise you, but you know colored pencils do not contain any kind of lead and there is no graphite in them.

They are easy to handle, precise, and thin. These pencils are made with wood casing and are filled with oil-based inside or wax.

The one thing that also adds to these pencils is pigment. Pigment got mixed with water and other bonding agents to make different vibrant colors.

There are two types of colored pencils available out there; student grade and artist grade. The artist’s grade pencils come in exceptional quality and are more pigmented and more vibrant.

How to sharpen colored pencils?

Colored pencils work amazingly when they are properly sharpened and cared for correctly. There is a number of ways to sharpen your colored pencils.

There are electric pencil sharpeners, handheld pencil sharpeners, sandpaper blocks, cosmetic sharpeners, and even there is one traditional way- using a knife.

It is true that what works for one person might not work for another person. Because it also depends on what type of colored pencils you are using.

It is all a matter of trying out different methods and different to know what is more suitable for you or what exactly works for you.

How do make colored pencils look smooth?

It is a fact that art that seems like painting is actually done with colored pencils. These incredible tools have the ability to create a range of dramatic effects only if you the right way to bring them to the table.

The best way to make your colored pencils smooth is the be careful about the layering part.

It hardly matters what paper or pencil you are using, you need to draw every layer carefully that color needs no blending.

One can use heavy pressure to gain smooth color. Another thing you need to do is to keep your pencils sharp so they can easily reach the tooth of the paper.

What are the best-colored pencils?

You might think that colored pencils are just simple pencils that come with blue, red, orange, or white tips.

But the fact is they are more than that. The fact is their tips are either made with oil-based or wax-based substances to hold the color together and this makes a huge difference.

Professional pencils are made with artists in mind while other pencils are suitable for kids.

Here are some of the pencils which are good for professionals as well as artists: Prismacolor colored pencils, Wax Colored Pencils, oil-based colored pencils, Polycolor Art Pencils, etc.

How to color with colored pencils realistically?

Colored pencils are the best way to create realistic coloring. These pencils are affordable come in a wide variety of colors and are quite easy to work with.

But creating a realistic image with colored pencils can be a hard task. But different techniques can be followed to create a realistic image.

The first thing you can do is layer colors to make shape and texture. For filling colors use back and forth strokes and always try scumbling to fill colors in lumpy patterns, Use hatching and cross-hatching patterns to give specific effects.

How to blend Crayola colored pencils?

To blend Crayola colored pencils, first, you have to make sure that you are using the right paper for your pencils. The paper made with the pulp of wood is usually inexpensive, but its fiber is unwieldy and short.

They can easily get broken off and distorted under excess pressure or use too much pigment on them. It is always good to use high-quality paper for the perfect blending of colors.

Along with this, you can use the technique of layering colors, suing solvents, baby oil-based solvents, alcohol-based solvents, colorless solvent markers, and colorless blending pencils.

How to layer colored pencils?

There are two ways to layer colored pencils. The first thing you need to do is to maintain the texture of the paper.

Choose the fine texture of drawing pencils or a paper sith tooth. The tooth of the paper grab and hold the pencil.

As this tooth exists, you add layers of colors. It has been said to use medium or light tour when applying color.

If you do it with the force or press hard, you’ll burnish the paper smoothly creating a platform for a pencil. The second thing you can do is to use complementary colors instead of using a black pencil.

How to store colored pencils?

Colored pencils are more resistant than a majority of other artistic mediums. You don’t need to worry about drying out what exists with Other Paints and there is no fear of melting like oil pastels or crayons.

Colored pencils are made with much harder material in the core so it easily handle the heat and lack of moisture. So it is very easy to store these pencils all you need is a pencil wrap or pouch to carefully place them.

There are cloth pencil wraps, Leather pencil cases, zip pouches, organizer pencil bag options available in the market. All you need is to choose the one according to your need.

How watercolor pencils are different from colored pencils?

Traditional color pencils are the first choice of every beginner and hobbyist because they are easy to handle and vary greatly in quality. These pencils are either made with wax or an oil-based binder.

These pencils are easily layered and mixed straightly on the drawing surface. But if we talk about watercolor pencils, they are not like traditional pencils.

Watercolor pencils are made with a water-soluble binder that disperses pigment that comes in contact with water. You can add colors to the surface with the pencil and then Brush with water to activate the medium.

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