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15+ Best Alcohol Ink Sets For Beginner Artists | Alcohol Ink For Painting

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Alcohol Ink set

Alcohol Ink Paintings are a fluid painting technique and the name for colors found on alcohol. This term refers to several techniques that have to work with paint in a liquid medium. The highly pigmented alcohol-based inks can be gradually blended into the work, in contrast to the acrylic paints that are usually applied at the same time. The alcohol evaporates much faster, which means the paints dry within a few minutes.

Alcohol inks can be revived, which means when the dried ink gets into contact with fresh ink or pure alcohol, it reacts and can be additionally processed. This gives you a chance to work on different techniques.

Alcohol inks are brightly colored dye-based paints that are mostly used in creating free-flowing textures.

If you are seeking the best alcohol ink colors probably you would found all these colors here. To make it easier for you to select the alcohol ink brands, we have reviewed the different watercolor paints not only for professionals even so for newbies.

Several artists get fulfilled their master artwork using the listed alcohol-based ink, so why not take advantage to take your artwork forward?

Best Alcohol Ink Sets for Professionals and also for Beginners

1. Alcohol Ink Set With 24 Colors

A perfect set of alcohol ink supplies assists you with 24 vibrant colors. These paints are ready to blend and give excellent results of dish making, tumbler making, and used as a dye for resin art.


  • Control the colors due to the high concentration of ink colors
  • Useful for different projects like resin petri dish, yupo acrylic painting, resin coasters, and other alcohol ink art.
  • Not suitable for UV resin.
  • Dry fasting colors inks in with easy access to squeeze bottles.


  • Alcohol painting/art must be done in the open air, or fully ventilated space because of an odor of alcohol diluted colors.

2. Alcohol Ink Set – Jelife 24 Vivid Colors

Jelife alcohol-based ink Paint Set is the first preference of the artists to make people amazed by their artwork. This ideal set consists of Sapphire blue, orange-red, peach red, sky blue, fuchsia, shallow sinking white, deep sinking white, and so on.


  • Suitable for epoxy resin.
  • Highly pigmented, sinking effects, layer and creating depth, perfect for Petri dishes, and glitter tumbler making
  • Quick dry and considerable by beginners and experienced
  • Easy to access and control dropping through squeeze bottles


  • You need to put prime on canvas before start working on alcohol ink painting.

3. LET’S RESIN Alcohol Ink Set – 18 colors

LET’S RESIN Alcohol Ink Set is perfect for executive artists and also for those who have a spark inside to do creativity on different surfaces.

With the use of 18 colors such as purplish-red, peach red, yellow, lemon yellow, white alcohol ink, and more. You can achieve prominent effects by blending them on resin swirl, epoxy resin painting, resin tumbler cup making, and other alcohol ink art.


  • Have thicker consistency than average alcohol ink kit
  • Get lighter colors and increases more transparency
  • Sealed packaging for security purposes


  • Not suitable for UV resin
  • The quantity is very less as compared to the quality

4. Alcohol Ink Set – 24 Highly Saturated Ink

Are you excited to begin your artwork with more vibrant colors and tools? Picasso Transparent Alcohol Ink Pack is designed to make sure great depth and vibrancy.

24 highly pigmented colors are effective to work on various surfaces such as metal, ceramic, and glass. The company offers a money-back guarantee or 1-year replacement for not being satisfied with your purchase.


  • The colors are acid-free and water-resistant once dry
  • Have nature to dry faster and permanent
  • Create striking effects, delicate layers, and great depth of colors


  • The bottles are very small easy to get lost and hard to find.

5. 20 Bottles Alcohol Ink Set – Colors

When the color is of high quality, then it is much more fun to design paintings on different subjects. Learning new skills or moving up to artists level, 20 bottle colors of 10 ml tubes satisfied you with its highly pigmented quality. If you have any query send a message to the seller through Amazon and get a quick response.


  • Gets endless possibilities, sinking effect, layer and creating depth
  • Convenient to use and achieve desired results
  • Every time attain fresh ink from the squeeze bottle
  • Sealed bottles are effective to use for artists and beginners


  • The dilution of ink with alcohol creates an odor, so needs a fully ventilated area or maybe outside.

6. Ranger Tim Holtz ADIRONDACK Alcohol Inks – 18 pack

The Ranger Tim Holtz set contains whichever color you are seeking in your painting kit. The company offers a wide range of colors to achieve farmer’s markets, nature walks, miners’ lanterns, and countryside. Professional who is at the artistic level would have a great experience, by the use of Ranger Tim Holtz.


  • The ink colors come in 3 colors in a set easy to see colors
  • Properly sealed due to security reasons
  • Get mesmerizing results using highly pigmented colors
  • Creates vibrant polished look on non-porous surfaces


  • The set does not contain white color

7. Alcohol Ink Storage Carrying Case Organizer by Pixies

Pixiss understands how much important your colors be carried while traveling. Because professional painters require to go to different places to gain the best art. We introduce an alcohol ink storage case convenient to use by holding your ink set in a perfect way.


  • Carry up to 60 bottles at one time
  • The sturdy organizer can hold bottles without damage from inside
  • Amazing tinting strength
  • Size 12 x 8 x 3 inches. Holes are 1” in diameter
  • Hardcover to protect ink set from direct sunlight


  • It can hold only Pixiss ink bottles instead of others

8. Jacquard Pinata Color – Metallic Colors(Alcohol Ink)

This paint set consists of metallic alcohol ink colors which are made by Jacquard Pinata Brand. For getting great results use these colors on glass, metal, tumbler, and more.

You can achieve alcohol ink art with the colors like Calabaza orange, passion purple, boja blue, senorita magenta, rich gold, and more. Basic colors will teach you the requirement of each color in painting.


  • The quality of colors remain the same even after wet
  • Ideal for precision
  • MOSHIFY pen comes in the package
  • The colors get dried very quickly and can be refresh by pouring new ink


  • Quantity is not mentioned on Amazon or also on the bottle

9. Alcohol Ink Storage Organizer – Holds 35pcs of 10ml or less

This alcohol ink kit organizer is designed by keeping in mind the convenience of every artist. This heavy-duty plastic-made large organizer is more resistant and crashworthiness than acrylic. It can hold bottles of different brands fix tightly to avoid friction between each other. Comfortable handling, water-resistant, and strong latch are the prime features of the organizer.


  • Made with transparent plastic, easy to see through plastic
  • Stand up foam design to keep your bottles in and out of the case
  • Portable and lightweight to carry at any place.
  • Size is 10 x 7.5 x 3 inches


  • This organizer doesn’t come with a guarantee

10. Ranger Ink Set – 7 Bottle Collection x 15 ml

The company Ranger Tim Holtz manufactured alcohol ink colors for executive artists as well as for beginners. With the use of 7 wide range of colors in different sets, you can achieve prominent effects by blending them on Yupo paper, resin, or epoxy. A professional who is at the artistic level would have a great experience, by the use of Ranger Tim Holtz.


  • Comes in several colors like a flamingo, turquoise, sunset orange, and purple twilight.
  • 60 colors are available, can be chosen as per your project
  • 10 Pixiss alcohol ink blending tool in 5 different shapes and sizes


  • Always used with precautions. Maybe flammable

11. Epoxy Resin Pigment – 16 Colors Liquid Translucent

Making up your gallery or masterpiece using an epoxy resin pigment set consist of 16 unique colors of 10 ml each. By taking advantage of vibrant and rich alcohol ink colors, you can complete the artwork with your imagination and creativity. Many artists get their artwork done by making use of premium quality alcohol ink colors of brand Sig Wong.


  • Epoxy resin color pigments are concentrated
  • Can be used in jewelry making, craft decorations, garment accessories. And DIY
  • Packaging has 16 colors, that comes in a squeeze bottle for easy use
  • Create endless color range by blending


  • The number of colors is very less

12. Alcohol Ink Set – Acerich 24 Bottles

Alcohol ink set gives the artists an opportunity to work on DIY projects with effective results. Beginning with multiple colors that are vibrant, expert for crafts, and vivid to create spontaneous effects. This set contains rich quality colors that give luxurious effects to your painting.


  • The alcohol ink set is safe to use, as they are non-toxic, no harsh chemicals
  • Simply squeeze the drop from the bottle to enjoy various shades
  • The ideal set for hobbyist, professionals, and beginners
  • Paints are economical by nature, can be used on an everyday basis


  • Each bottle need to be sealed after every use

13. 2X More Pixiss Alcohol Ink Set – 25 Large Highly Saturated Colors

The Pixiss Alcohol Ink Set packed with a complete collection of pigment-rich alcohol ink that is easy to blend to create amazing artwork. You can undoubtfully choose these 25 unique bright and highly saturated colors for your next project. Pixiss company offers you each color appropriately labeled and well-organized paint set for professional painters.


  • Highly concentrated ink colors.
  • Works with epoxy resin, perti dish, resin painting, and other alcohol ink arts
  • Have a greater amount of color ink for the creative artist or painting lover.


  • Highly flammable, always used with cautions.


14.  Jacquard Pinata Alcohol Ink – 9 Colors

These paints are of professional quality, come in a wide range of colors such as Sunbright Yellow, rainforest green, Blanco Blanco mantilla black, rich gold, calabaza orange, and so on. The quick-drying ability of 9 rich vivid paints makes them versatile, and ideal to use and attain perfect results.


  • Paints are versatile in canvas art, that gives a dazzling effect
  • The high quality of color remains the same even the colors get wet.
  • MOSHIFY alcohol ink pen comes in the package
  • The colors get dried very quickly and can be refresh by pouring new ink


  • You need to seal your alcohol ink painting to keep it safe.

15. Ranger TAK-B-25962 Adirondack Bright Alcohol Ink

The Ranger TAK-B-25962 set contains whichever color you are seeking in your painting kit. The company offers a wide range of colors to achieve farmer’s markets, nature walks, miners lanterns, and countryside. A professional who is at the artistic level would have a great experience, by the use of Ranger TAK-B-25962 Adirondack.


  • Acid-free, quick-drying, permanent, and transparent inks
  • Gives polished effect on non-porous surfaces such as metal, foil, shrink plastic, dominoes, glass, and others
  • Made in the USA
  • Package consists of three 0.5fl ounces/ 14.78 ml plastic bottles


  • Highly flammable, always used with cautions.

Frequently Asked Questions Related Alcohol Ink Art

What is alcohol ink?

Alcohol ink consists of a very large part of alcohol which is mixed with color pigments. Alcohol has the property to evaporate very quickly, which has some advantages over other painting techniques. The color dries very quickly due to the evaporation of alcohol.

But you can revive the dried ink by pouring fresh ink into it. In this way, you can change the designs of your painting when you get bored of it. This technique is not available with acrylic paints. Alcohol inks are brightly colored dye-based paints that are mostly used in creating free-flowing textures.

How to use Alcohol Ink?

Using an alcohol ink for the first time will be more excited. Try to pour alcohol ink onto paper to know how the colors behave, once you drop you can see a circle form appears on paper.

When you add a new drop you can see the new colors spread and the previous one displaces. If you drip again, the new colors add on with the previous colors.

Now if you add a drop of alcohol, you can see a colorless circle appears that pushes the other colors. You can create partly shiny, technique dark edges in your artwork. In this way, your first works of beautiful art are created.

Where to buy Alcohol Ink?

These days not only markets are flooded with premium quality Alcohol-based paint but also online e-commerce websites are enriched with the top brands of Alcohol-based paint which got the first preference of professional artists.

You can read out the reviews, check the quality, quantity, prices, brand name, and can compare with other products by sitting on your couch at home instead of wasting time going out and seeking high-quality products. Take a look at the listed best alcohol ink Amazon sets:-

How to use alcohol ink on canvas?

  • First and foremost prepare the surface for overflow with shower curtain liner, layers of paper towels
  • Place the primed canvas on risers
  • Set up your paint and tools so you are prepared to work fast. Make sure all your tools are within the reach.
  • check your table tilt and adjust to see pouring alcohol goes to which side on canvas. Stack paper towel under corners to make adjustments.
  • Double your fluids
  • Safety gear: gloves, respiratory masks, and ventilated working space
  • Primed canvas
  • Risers
  • Rubbing alcohol, blending solution
  • Alcohol ink paint
  • Manipulation tools: hair dyer + extension cord, brushes, straws.
  • Spill items: paper towel, flat working surface, drop cloth.

How to seal alcohol ink?

  • Krylon Kamar Varnish:- This is non-yellowing, acid-free, and vital in protecting your alcohol inks from interfering with any other product. It is good to apply in thin layers, even coats, make sure dry well between layers.
  • Krylon Gallery Series UV Archival Varnish Matte:- A bit of expert advice is that you don’t need to spray too close to your work or it will bubble or things negatively affect your artwork. But also not too far, so the spray will dry before reaches the project.

Use these sprays outdoor, as they smell very strong will affect your respiratory system.

How to make fired alcohol ink art?

The process to make fired alcohol ink art can not be simpler: firstly remove the glass from a picture frame. Drop alcohol ink onto the glass, then add rubbing alcohol. Swirl to combine, then light the alcohol on fire, this step should be done with precaution. The alcohol burn and ink create beautiful designs.

Once the fire has burned out you can put the glass back on white paper and place it into your frame for prompt DIY art. You can also create various designs and show your creativity to your family and friends.

Where I can buy alcohol ink?

There are lots of various online sites that are selling alcohol ink with a wide range of variety at a good price. Not only the quality also the quantity is perfect for artists to make their masterpiece. For your convenience, we have reviewed the best alcohol ink which you can buy alcohol ink from here:-


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