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100+ Sunflower Drawing Ideas For Beginners In 2023 Updated

60+ sunflowers drawing ideas

Sunflowers are attractive and glorious in so many ways. Just looking at one makes us feel all warm and good from within. 

Among so many beautiful variations of flowers in nature, some flowers are more admired than others. Sunflowers are one of those flowers, as they are loved by millions of people globally.

If you adore sunflowers as well, you may have wondered how you can draw a sunflower. If you have, then you’re luckily found the right place!

We have created this collection of 100+ sunflower drawings for all-aged artists to make learning to draw one of these flowers simpler than ever.

Easy and beautiful sunflower drawing ideas in 2023

Sunflowers are probably the most beautiful plants that nature has delivered, and these are one of the most complexly structured flowers to draw.

We have several really cute and easy portrayals of this famous flower for you to work on your drawing, and we can’t wait for you to have fun with these!

These amazing drawings on how to draw a pretty sunflower in a few minutes will guide you through the process of replicating this incredible flower.

We made it easy for you by grouping these portrayals into three levels. Let’s have a look!

Easy sunflower drawings ideas for kids

Flowers are one of the common drawing themes for kids and they find it very fascinating to turn their favorite flower into a beautiful drawing.

We have compiled some easy but best sunflower drawings for kids to make them work on this complex flower effortlessly!

Scroll down to have a look at these beautiful drawings!

Here is an easy illustration of a sunflower sketch. Simply make a circle and draw another circle around it to enhance its boundary.

Add round curves of the same size along the outer edge of the sunflower Center to make its petals.

Add yellow or orange or any color to your sunflower to enhance its beauty.

If you don’t want your sunflower petals round, make triangles along the edge of the center of the sunflower. Color it according to your preferences but you can refer to the below image for assistance.

Here is another easy idea for drawing a sunflower plant. You can also draw a round pot as shown below in the reference image and add patterns to it.

Isn’t it a really cute portrayal of this famous flower? Certainly, it is!

As you can see, it’s hardly comprehensive. You simply need to draw a big circle in the center and some petals surrounding the boundary of the circle and it is done! So easy right?

The below image would be the easiest illustration for drawing a sunflower, particularly for kids. For a drawing like this, all you need is to make a circle in the center and create the outer part of it by making another circle and round half circles around the edge of it.

Draw stem and leaves for a better presentation.

 Or if you want to draw more petals like the below one, simply add more round curves along the edge of the center. Fill it with your favorite pretty sunflower colors.

As you can see in this image, for the face of the flower, we have added some facial features to it to give it a comic look.

The Center of your sunflower need not be perfect. As shown in the below image, you can make a not-so-perfect circle for the center of the sunflower and make triangles along its edge to create the petals.

Add dots to the center to make its rough texture like a real sunflower. 

You can also highlight your sunflower art by outlining it with the black sketch as shown in the below figure.

You could go for a different cartoonish face design if you prefer!

As shown in the reference image, the petals are short and wide. For the stem and leaves, just draw curved lines accordingly!

How about an emoticon sunflower more like a cartoon character? You can give your sunflower an interesting aspect by adding a face to it and a wavy body ( leaves and stem) to represent its hands and body.

Here is an illustration for an adult or professional artist.

For a clean drawing like this, use a lighter stroke or pencil while drawing it and extend your art to the whole drawing sheet by making elongated wide leaves and petals for a perfect presentation.

If you are more into patterns and creativity but don’t want to complicate your drawing, the below image will be perfect for you. Just follow the image and you will reach your perfect imagined art.

For color reference, follow the below image and try to trace the patterns and colors for a drawing like this.

Sunflowers are such bright and pretty flowers, you know why? Because of its pretty yellow hue which attracts brightness. You can hide the stem part by making the pot as drawn below.

Again a patterned one! But it’s more complex than the previous one. Drawing is fun when turned into some unique patterns. Follow the below image and take reference to draw like one.

If you are more interested in shading and white and black drawings and avoid colors, this one would be the best choice of idea for your art.

Make the sunflower and shade the petals and leaves instead of coloring them.

Or you can just make the flower and not its other parts. Make a circle on the center of your drawing sheet, and add half-rounded curves along the edge of the circle to make its petals. Add a cute face by making two dots and an upper inverted curve to make it smile.

It’s not mandatory to draw the petals in a particular standard shape. You can also make your flower in a square form with triangle-shaped petals in it.

You are free to add any color of your choice to your art such as pink in the center like the below reference image.

For comic art, shapes don’t matter. You need to draw irregular curves and lines to make it look more comic and cartoonish. Don’t forget to draw facial features in the center to replicate a cartoon character.

Sunflower drawing ideas for adults

Here you will fetch a collection of sunflower drawing ideas matching the level of adult artists that will assist them to complete their artwork while enjoying and having fun at the same time.

Find your perfect drawing below!

This one is a slightly upgraded version. The petals are overlapping each other and each petal has a straight line going through the center of the petal base and into the interior.

If you are an emoticon lover, this drawing is perfect for you! Trace it to have a perfect emoticon flower.

As shown in this image, the petals are elongated and overlapping. It will look great if shaded rightly.

Don’t want a cartoonish or shady drawing? Go for this one. It’s an easy and close enough resemblance to a real sunflower with a perfect amount and shape of petals. Refer to the below illustration for a better selection of colors and shapes.

The below image is one of the easy sunflower drawing ideas. We tried to make the level of the art so basic that anyone can draw it.

The front view art of the sunflower is something that everyone draws. Try the below image and draw a side view of a sunflower.


Or you can directly make your sunflower drawing using your favorite crayons. You can use two colors at the same time to draw the petals, such as yellow for the front petals and orange for the petals at the backside.

Give your sunflower plant a tree look by making the stem broad as you draw down and make a patterned pot in the support of it.

Fill up the drawing sheet by making sunflowers in a couple or a bunch. Like the below illustration has perfectly shown how you can draw sunflowers in groups. Instead of a pot, add a shape like soil and fill it with brown color.

Better the facial features, better the comic drawing. If you are interested in emojis or emoticons, add a face to your art as we did in the below image.

Or you can go simple, by just drawing petals and stems and leaves. Here the flower is drawn with hands and with various curves.

You are free to fill in any color as it’s your drawing and you are the owner. Instead of yellow or orange, go for brown for the center of the flower if you like it.

A voluminous sunflower with lots of petals. You can make as many petals as you can, there is no limit to it. Also, add lines to the leaves to make their texture.

You can add lined patterns to the center of the sunflower as depicted below.

For this, take a compass or your mother’s bangle to draw a perfect circle and after that, start making petals of almost the same sizes and fill in the backside gaps between the petals by making small petals as illustrated below.

Here is a rough example of a quick and easy sunflower drawing. Just make a circle and draw elongated curves around it.

Kids, don’t worry if your circle is not in the right shape or your petals are not up to perfection. Make your art in your own style like the below one and fill it with color to beautify it.

Sunflower drawing ideas for professionals

This portion includes drawings that are highly comprehensive and realistic. If you are an expert who prefers realism over animation, this is exactly what you are looking for!

Explore our collection and experience some real-life-looking flowers!

As you can see in the image, the more petals you draw the more volume will be added to your sunflower.

This one is specifically for experts as it contains lots of details and leveled-up art. Trace the image and get your art exactly like it.

This one is terrific as it is very much comprehensive and looks like a real-life flower. We have also added some details to the center replicating the seeds.

Unleash your creative skill and give your sunflower art a unique aspect such as the below drawing idea.

For drawing like the below image, make a not-so-perfect circle. It’s made up of numerous small curved lines in order to make the center part of your sunflower drawing look more like the center of a real sunflower. Next, draw the petals along the circle.

Here you can see that the center part is designed with some patterns. You can choose any other pattern of your own choice.

Give your flower a bright colorful appearance by filling in beautiful colors such as yellow or orange. Dron aw two leaves on each side of the flower and fill it with a green color.

Instead of drawing a whole flower, try making a half one to make your art look more unique and attractive.

Here is another illustration for our expert audiences. The below one is more like a real one and to draw like this, try to make it with a light stroke of a pencil at first and then highlight it by outlining it with a pencil or pen.

Give your flower a voluminous look, by making more petals in the backside left gaps between the petals.

If you are an expert or a professional artist, this sunflower idea would be the perfect choice for your art. It’s a combination of patterned and realistic sunflowers.

Add circular patterns to the center of the flower and shade it black or grey except the circular patterns for a nice presentation.

pencil sketch cute sunflowers drawing ideas

Final thought —

This is such a spectacular flower, and it’s easy to see why it has become so popular around the world!

We hope you liked and enjoyed these drawings as you learned how to draw a beautiful sunflower alongside us.

As long as you follow the reference images, you will have a beautiful drawing before you in no time!

Save our page so you don’t lose us. Follow us for more such drawing ideas and guides.

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