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10+ Best Mandala Stencil To Make Paintings Easily

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10+ Mandala Stencil

The stunning designs with closely interconnected symbols related to the universe and deep cultural art are specially made to decorate the room walls that soothe and make the mind peaceful.

8.1:- Reusable Mandala Floor Stencil Set of 4 in (7.9 x 7.9 inch)

The most cultural and complicated design is now easy to trace with mandala templates with a stencil set of 4 pieces that can be used for wall décor, t-shirts, furniture, floor designing and fabric decorations.
About the item

  • Brand: CYG&CL
  • Material: Quality PET Mylar
  • Non-toxic, oil-resistant, heat- resistance and fat resistance
  • Safe for food and utensils


  • Children can use it for various modelling projects and making meaningful signs.
  • Use on clothes and bags for making stunning patterns

8.2:- A4 Size Mandala Stencil for Painting (Pack of 9)

The most admirable and sophisticated piece of art is now available online for you to bring the best out of your creativity. Shock everyone by using mandala stencils of different kinds with 9 pieces of unique patterns that can be filled with Alcohol Ink, chalk paint, airbrush and pigment painting.

About the item

  • Brand: SLGIFT
  • Size: A4 sized sheets
  • Material: Plastic


  • All templates are made with plastic and mylar.
  • Great elasticity and durability
  • Washable and reusable

8.3:- Beautiful Mandala Stencil Template for Easy Painting

Mandala stencil is perfect for wall art and fabric decorations to be done in few minutes with superlative results with the material that is made from reusable, washable and durable plastic.

About the item

  • Brand: SLGIFT
  • Size: A4 sheet


  • Widely used for decorating living rooms, bedrooms, posters, gift cards, planner boards and children objects.
  • Place it on the surface such as wood, fabric, cloth bags, and walls – add paint of any kind (chalk, spray, acrylic etc.)

8.4:- Decorative Mandala Stencil Template (A4 Size)

Use this beautiful mandala stencil A4 sheet for refining furniture work and wall arts with an effortless approach to use colours of different types such as ink, chalk, and airbrush. It can be applied to fabric, wood, glass, plastic and papers.


  • Very good quality material is available in polyester, wood, Mylar and paper.
  • Reusable and safe to use for kids
  • Flexible and washable
  • Strong and durable

8.5:- Prosperity Mandala Stencil for Walls in Multi Sizes

Laser Cut Mandala stencil is best to use for decorating wooden materials and walls at ease within few minutes of performing art and crafts. Made by a durable, reusable and washable material – use on flat latex material for better results.

About the item

  • Brand: Cutting edge stencils
  • Material: Mylar Plastic

6. 9 Pack 12×12 inches Mandala Stencils for Painting on Wood, Wall, Floor, Tile Fabric

7. 9 Pack Reusable (12×12 Inch) Large Mandala Stencils For Painting on Wood, Wall, Floor, Tile Fabric

8. 7 Pack 12×12 Inch Mandala Large Reusable Stencils for Painting on Wall, Floor, Tile, Fabric, Furniture.

9. Large Pattern Mandala Wall Stencils for Painting

10. Mandala-Style Large Stencils For Painting In Multi Sizes 

11. Lirio Mandala Stencil Template for Walls and Crafts in Multi sizes 

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