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12+ Best Artist Paint Palette | All Color Paint Palette

12+ Best Artist Paint Palette

There is no place in the world where you would see a painter without a paint palette. Paint palettes might seem simple objects but are an important tool to help artists envision colors and create compositions that make up their artwork. So it’s not wrong saying that it is one of the most essential tools for painting.

A paint platter is a surface where artists squeeze out and mix the paint to prepare a combination for painting.

In ancient, time paint palette was a maid with a wooden board with a hole in it, so that painters could easily hold it while painting.

But in this modern era, palettes come in different shapes and sizes and are made from different kinds of materials. Some palettes are made from plastic or glass while some are made with ceramic or wood.

Artists depend on their paint palettes to blend colors for painting, so they always seek reliable, durables, and easily washable pieces to take them through different projects.

Mainly they want a palette that can accommodate different kinds of paints from Acrylics to oil to watercolors.

With the wide variety of palettes out there it is confusing for artists to get the one. So this is the reason we are here with the best collection of palettes to provide them ease.

Best Paint Palette For All Types Of Paints

1. Watercolor Paint Palette

Using a paint palette is the initial stage of painting. Palette provides you the surface where you squeeze out colors and mix them for creating a masterpiece.

Explore this plastic watercolor palette that comes with 17 holes so you can squeeze out a different color in each hole and can create a mesmerizing piece of art.

This palette is made with sturdy plastic and is very light to hold. Its oval shape with curved thumb hole provides you complete comfort especially when it comes to holding it for a long time.

2. 3Pcs Set of Plastic Paint Tray Palettes

Harmonize your color with these 3 sets of plastic paint trays and blend them properly to great hues to create striking artwork.

This set of artist paint palettes has a size of 11.8 x 7.9 inches and offers you enough space for your colors and contains 17 holes, 1 big well, 11 small wells, and 5 big central reservoirs.

The best part of this palette is, it is made with sturdy plastic which makes this tray light in weight and is suitable for right as well as a left-handed person.

3. Plastic Paint Pallets for Kids or Students

Kids always get attracted to the colors. Painting and drawing might have come in cocurricular but this is what they cherish the most being a kind.

To give a push to their interest, give them a gift of these 12 pcs art tray palettes and let them fly high with their imagination.

The pallets are in small round shape and are super durables, smooth, break-proof, and are very easy in cleaning.

4. Clear Art Palette for Adults & Kids

The traditional painter only uses a wood paint palette because this might be the only option they have.

But with the changing time and trends, there are plenty of options available for artists. And this clear art palette of these options.

These are the three-set palettes of different shapes and sizes and are suitable for professionals, children, and adults.

The beautiful smooth texture of this plate is made with high-quality transparent acrylic, safe and non-toxic material which makes this plate comfortable and easy to clean.

5. Paint Pallets for Students or Kids to Paints on School Project

Schools play a vital role in the life of kids as they inspire students to give their contribution to painting and drawings.

With this, they will help them to know about their interest in drawing. Their school paint project gives a great push to their painting interest.

So gift your children this adorable paint palette to complete their school project. It is a perfect paint palette for kids because it is very to stack them together, provides convenient storage, and saves a lot of space.

6. Non-Stick Paint Palette set of 2 PCS

The best thing about having a non-stick palette is its flawless nature. No matter what type of paint or color you are using, it can be easily removed with the help of water. So having these types of palettes can be the better choice.

Try this non-stick palette which is made with durable, solvent-resistant plastic and quite easy to handle. It is a useful tray because you can easily clean the dried Acrylic Paint and even oil paint with some wipes.

8. Wooden Paint Palette

We all know the slogan of ‘Old is Gold’. A wooden paint palette is mostly used in ancient times but that doesn’t mean that they are no more in use. There are still many artists which only give preference to the wood palette.

This beautiful set of the wood palette is one of the best choices of artists because it is best to use for professional as good beginners and are quite durable. The large thumb hole and the oval shape of the palette make it a suitable choice for artists.

9. Paint Tray Palettes with Thumb Hole

Today the majority of paint tray palettes are made with plastic because they are easy to maintain and can be handled by everyone.

Try this three-pack of paint tray palettes with the thumb hole which is best for acrylic paints, oil paints, watercolor paints, and paintbrushes.

This all-in-one palette makes this paint tray best for everyone whether it is for artists or professionals.

10. Ceramic Artist Paint Palette

Try this square paint palette which is made with the premium white Eco-friendly ceramic material which makes this artist tool very durable. This palette is ideal for tempera painting, gouache, acrylic, Watercolor, and Oil Paint.

Its good quality is perfect for mixing watercolor and has enough weight that won’t easily get flip around which makes it a perfect tool to use in fieldwork or art studio. Its unique design and plenty of space help you to improve your skills in mixing colors.

11. Compartments Plastic Paint Palette

This is another option to consider for a paint palette. This palette is boasting with 24 compartments and has different spaces for mixing colors. These are small cubical spaces for separate colors so that you can perfectly mix every color.

Each compartment contains a size of 3.2×2.5×1.8cm / 1.26×0.98×0.7inch and is best for oil paint, watercolor paints, acrylic paint, and gouache.

This amazing plate comes with a soft lid that helps you to keep your paint wet for many days and separate compartments do let paints mix.

12. 6 Well Rectangular 24 Pieces White Paint Plastic Palettes

13. Ceramic Artist Paint Palette for Watercolor

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Frequently Asked Questions Related to Paint Palette

How to hold a paint palette?

If you enjoy painting standing up rather than sitting down then a palette is quite a useful tool for you.

It allows you to have your colors and brushes at an ergonomic height and is incredibly accessible whenever you want to pick up the color.

Whether you have an ancient wooden palette, a glass palette, a plastic one, or a disposable one, the holding principle is the same for every palette. You need to use your forearm to hold the weight of the palette.

To maintain balance, insert your thumb in the hole of the palette then hold it with the help of your figures. Don’t ever hold the palette in a panic grip, just hold it firmly for not getting cramp.

How to clean acrylic paint palette?

Acrylic paint is water bases so the best way to perfectly clean your paint palette is to do when your paint is wet and nice.

It is the easiest hack to wipe off paint than to do any kind of add-on work like scrubbing or scraping. Just simply use a wet cloth and wipe off the paint.

Then you can take the help of water with soap and can use a fresh cloth to scrub off the remaining paint.

You can mix any liquid soap in lukewarm water to remove stubborn pain spots to get better results. Lukewarm water is will help to soften the dry spots and help them to get away.

How to clean the oil paint palette?

As the name indicates, oil paints contain some substance of oil in them.

This is why it is essential to clean the paint palette every time you use oil paint on it. Oild paints are good in staining if left unwashed for too long.

It is always good to squeeze out a very little amount of paint you need during the project, but this doesn’t sound realistic.

So it is good to follow the proper way to clean your oil paint palette. For cleaning, you can take the help of solvent.

Apply the solvent to the palette and let it sit for five minutes and then wipe the palette with a clean paper towel. You can repeat this set if needed.

How to clean dried oil paint off palette?

There are two ways to clean the oil paint palette. One is when it’s wet and the second is when it gets dry.

If your paint is wet then you can easily wipe it with a paper towel or any clean cloth. For whole clean up you can use a paper towel along with soap and water.

But it is not the same for dried oil paint. If the paint gets dry on the palette then you can either remove it while pealing the paint or can take the help of a razor scraper. Hold the scraper to the palette and scrape the paint with little force.

Where to buy a paint palette?

It is very easy to find palettes of these. But it is a little difficult to find the best.  But not to worry because there are several options available these days.

You can find them both online and offline both. If you love to go out and explore variety then it is good to go offline market and explore the one as per the choice.

But another offline option is also good as you will get countless varieties whether it is for kids, professional artists, or for beginners, there are options available for everyone. Y

ou can compare the price of the palette and will easily get it at your doorsteps.

What to use as a paint palette

As you are well aware that how important paint platters are for painters. They provide ease to the painter to place the colors (small amount) in one place so they don’t go down whenever they need new colors.

Apart from this, a palette will help them to make a perfect blend of colors to make a unique color.


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